May 2012 Weddings

Checks checks everywhere!!!!!

After some time a feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere...I finally feel like I'm making progress!
Dress- after a long search I have just decided to get a custom dress made. The dress I really wanted was over 3 times my budget but I found someone in my town that can make what I want within my budget. Deposit paid- Check!
Wedding Rings- We went to my dad's friends Jewlery store a few months ago we picked them out and have started paying for them. Of course FI wanted one of the most expensive men's rings. Almost a full check.
Band- I can't have the band I want from my home town but we finally found a great local band. They will do the ceremony and reception. Deposit paid- Check!
DIY- lots of thing started nothing really complete but very good progress!
Caterer- Decided on one... Just waiting for the contract and next steps.
Invitations- picked out just need to order!
Ordered- Bubbles, napkins and almost all decor
Woohoo for progress! I feel like it is all coming together.
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