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* Accountability post - Happy Hump day ya'll!

Just about a month to go! Join in! We track what we eat and do to keep fit leading up to our big day!

D - Subway! Was watching the Biggest loser and Jared was on there,

Workout - Xtrain: 25 minutes on the spin bike, circuit w/stretching and arms for 20 min
B - honey bunches of oats w/almonds & almond milk + protein shake

L - 2nd 1/2 of subway
S - apple, yogurt
D - with our DJ tonight!
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Re: * Accountability post - Happy Hump day ya'll!

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    bpphoto785bpphoto785 member
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    B: granola bar w/ sf/ff latte
    L/S: TBD
    D: crock pot taco chicken over brown rice
    W/O: none working 12 hours today UGH!!
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    klw0022 I love Subway....and I don't need much persuasion.  At our local Subway on Sundays any footlong is $5 - it's become a Sunday routine for us!

    W/O:  elliptical 5 miles, 20 weight training and basketball with FI
    D: soup

    B:  bran muffin, banana
    S:  none
    L:  half ww turkey
    D:  no idea
    W/O: elliptical 5 miles, weight training
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