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S/O moving on...

Has anyone been lurking on TB?

It makes my ovaries explode and gives me incredible anxiety at the same time.
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Re: S/O moving on...

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    I don't know why people feel like they need to act superior to others...on the INTERNET. I mean, honestly. I know sometimes things can be taken out of context because you're reading and not hearing the tone of their voice. There are alot of people on TK that seem to know everything and if you ask a simple question, you get ripped apart. I have only lurked on TN and haven't felt like I wanted to stay over there. As of over here, there are boards that seem very clicky, like high school. That's why I like it one judges.
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    [QUOTE]I posted on TN - the pet board - once after we adopted our furbaby and was ripped a new one over what food I was feeding him. I deal w/ enough BS IRL, I don't need it from random strangers online. That's why I've stuck to this board :)
    Posted by bpphoto785[/QUOTE]

    I've frequented some of the pet boards as well and all I have to say is WOW! I work in the veterinary field so I know a thing or two about animals and their care but some of the things posted over there are crazy! I haven't gone back since and I don't plan on it.

    It is my personal opinion that as long as a pet is properly cared for (i.e. vaccinated routinely, maintained at a healthy weight, socialized properly) who are we to judge what that person feeds or selects as toys for their pets. There are some toys that just aren't good for dogs (rope toys and raw hides aren't the greatest, especially for big time chewers or small dogs) and as an LVT, I will advise owners of these things but I won't belittle them for making that choice. There are some people who believe if you can't feed your pet the greatest of food then you shouldn't be allowed to have one and that is simply unfair. Some pets don't handle higher quality foods well and need to be on a lesser quality food that is still good for them. Get off your high horse and stop being an internet bully!!!
    OK, stepping off of my soapbox now :)
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    TB scares the crap out of me. I clicked on the tab once and I haven't gone back since.

    I completely agree with how nuts people are...even here on TK! Etiquette board, anyone? 
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    lol @ Caitlin, 90% of the etiquitte board is already married and assume that because they did at thier weddingand didnt get yelled at...that is the only way things should be done, even if you ask a question about decor or cake vs cupcakes someone on that board will tear you apart! Either for posting on the 'wrong' board, or that one or the other will truely offend ALL of your guests and even people who dont go to the wedding will think poorly of you forever...because you make the wrong dessert choice. I tend to stir up trouble on that boad by giving a different opinon then the main group, and then get told "you talk like you are the only one who does it right"....ohhhhhhh really, and you telling people everything they do is wrong because you dont like it is different? Very few things about weddings are actually ettiquite related anymore, seeing as families have such different dynamics, and weddings are so individual, some things around invites etc, yeah you should be careful but theres a lot of quite mean advice on there that has nothing to do with etiquitte. Anyways thats my rant!

    I sometimes follow the baby names board on TB because some people have some pretty crazy idea about what a good name is.....but thats about it. I dont want kids any time soon.

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    I've been the both TB and TN, and hated it. I only go there for the articles; the boards are too...clicky, like pp said.

    Anyone checked out The Blush yet? I'm a little intrigued, wondering what it is. For teens, maybe? Hmm.
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