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Wedding Day Timeline?

Hey Ladies!
I know some people posted theirs a few weeks ago, but I can't find them using search... stupid TK is giving me results from 2 years ago first. 

Can you guys share your day-of schedule please? I'm totally late on getting on this with my wedding in 10 days, but I was slammed with school so now I'm freaking to get these things done!

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Re: Wedding Day Timeline?

  • 8am -10:30am – My Hair

    9:00- 10:30 – BMs makeup (I have 3)

    10:30 – 11:30 – My makeup (BMs and everyone should be getting dressed)

    11:30 – Bride Get dressed

    12:00 –Bridal Portraits/Pics with the girls

    12:30 – 1:00pm  Groom and his guys getting ready shots

    1:00 – Refresh

    1:30 – Limo arrives we leave

    1:45 – Girls arrive at venue take pics, me alone, me and BMs

    2:00 – Guys arrive at venue take pics. Me and GM alone, me, GM, and BM together, I leave BM & GM together

    2:20 – BM, GM andFI take pics girls then leave come to bridal suite, GM and Joel together take pics

    3:00 – Line up ceremony starts

    3:25 – 4:30 - cocktail

    4:35 – Grand entrance

    4:40 – first dance, mother son dance, mom/daughter dance

    5:00 – toasts

    5:10 – Dinner served

    5:45 – visit tables

    6:00 – dance floor opens

    6:50 – Cut cake

    6:55  - Bouquet/garter toss

    7:05 – Dance floor reopens


  • wow, that is small. let me know if you want me to email it to you.
  • 10:30.    Girls arrive at church
    10:30.    Makeup starts
    10:30.    Hair starts
    11:30.     Lunch at church
    12:30.    Photographer arrives at church
    1:00.      Leave for first look pictures
    1:15-1:45    First look pictures
    2:00-2:45    Bridal party formal pictures
    3:00-3:45    Family formal pictures
    4:00-4:30    Guests arrive; bridal party relaxes; prelude music starts
    4:30:00    Ceremony starts
    5:00:00    Ceremony ends
    5:00-5:30    Receiving line; bubble exit from church
    5:30:00    A few more pictures
    5:30-6:30    Cocktail hour
    6:00:00    Bride and groom arrive at CADC
    6:00:00    Parent and bridal party introductions
    6:05:00    First dance
    6:00-6:30    Visit with guests
    6:30:00    Dinner is served
    6:30-7:30    Visit with guests
    7:30.    Parent dances
    7:35.    Group picture on dance floor
    7:35-8:35    Open dancing
    8:35.     Generation dance
    8:45:00    Cake cutting
    8:50-10:30    Open dancing
    10:00 ish    Bride and groom leave
    10:30:00    Reception ends
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  • 9:30am- leave hotel
    10am breakfast
    Girls have appointment for hair/makeup

    2.30pm - photog will meet Fellas for photos. Ladies return from hair/makeup

    3.30pm- photog will meet with Ladies for photos4.00pm- Ushers arrive- dressed and ready to meet & seat guests 4.20- 4.50pm -Guests are seated

    4.55pm- line up!

    5.00pm- officiant, fellas & Pete take their places

    5.05pm- Moms are ushered to their seats in front rowGirls to enter for ceremony, Bethany enters with Dad 5.25pm- Bethany & Pete are “hitched!” YIPPY!5.30pm- Receiving Line/Cocktail hour begins
    5.45pm-Wedding party poses for formal photos
    Rest of guests enjoy cocktail hour.
    6.30- 6.45pm- Guests are invited into Ballroom to be seated for dinner6.50- 7.10pm- Parents, Wedding party are introduced. Girls will be announced 1st & then the Fellas will be announced.Bethany & Peter are introduced & have their 1st dance
    7.15pm- 9.15pm- 3 course dinner will be served & cleared.2 toasts to be given during this time- by the Best Man & Maid of Honor during appetizer/salad coursesDaughter/ Father Dance & Mother/son Dance9.15pm- Cake will be cut by Bethany & Peter

    dance the night away!
    10:30- reception ends... continue at hotel bar?

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  • 5:00am - Wake Up/breakfast
    5:30am - Start hair appt (Me first)
    6:30am - Start make up appt (Me first)
    11:30am-1:00pm  - Photographer arrives to take pics of FI & GM (**Every one should be dressed and all boutonnieres must be on except the groom for photo op)
    1:00pm - Men depart for the ceremony (1st limo pick up)
    1:00pm-2:00pm - Photographer arrives to take pics of me & BM's (**All hair & Make-up must be completed, and BM's dressed at this time)
    2:00pm - Women depart for ceremony (2nd limo pick up)
    2:15-2:20pm - Arrive at the church and go directly downstairs and wait for ceremony to begin
    2:45pm - Prelude Begins (**All guests must be seated at this time)
    3:00pm-3:45pm - Ceremony
    4:00pm-5:30pm - Photos (** Bridal Party only)
    5:00pm-6:00pm - Cocktail Hour (** Family photos will be done at the venue once the bridal party arrives)
    6:15pm - Bridal Party EntranceNow that we found love by Heavy D & the boys (the bridal party will enter "Soul Train" style)
    6:30pm - First Dance - Everytime I close my eyes by Babyface
    6:35pm - Reception Begins - Prayer - Dinner served
    7:00pm - Toasts - Best Man & Matron of Honour
    7:15pm - Game - Family Feud Douglas vs. Chambers
    7:30pm - Toasts - Mother of the Groom, Mother of the Bride, & FSIL
    7:50pm - Game - Name that tune/ Don't forget the lyrics
    8:00pm - Special Dance - Father/Daughter Dance - You are so beautiful by Babyface                         Mother/Daughter Dance - Like my mother does by Lauren Alaina
    8:10pm - Game - Table Rap
    8:20pm - Special Dance - Mother/Son Dance - Angel by Shaggy
    8:25pm - Bouquet Toss - Ladies Night by Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye Da Brat & Missy (Chorus)
    8:30pm - Garter Toss - Let's get it on by Marvin Gaye
    8:35pm - Surprise song Dedicated to the Groom (performed by Bride) - I love you I do by Jennifer Hudson
    8:40pm - Bride & Groom Thank you's
    9:00pm - Open the dance floor
    1:00am - Reception Ends

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    9:15 Bride Hair

    10:15 Bride Makeup

    11:30 Arrive @ Bride’s House

    1:00 Flowers Delivered @ Bride’s House

    1:00 GM Arrive @ Groom’s House 

    1:15 BMs & RB Arrive @ Bride’s House 

    1:30 Photographer Arrives @ Bride’s House

    1:30 Photographer’s Assistant Arrives @ Groom’s House

    2:00 Flowers Delivered to Church

    2:05 Groom and GM Leave

    2:45 Limo Leaves Bride’s House

    3:00-3:30 Ceremony

    3:30-4:00 Receiving Line

    4:00-5:30 Bride & Groom/Families Take Photos

    4:30-5:30 Cocktails & Pass Appetizers

    5:30 Guests Take Their Seats

    5:45-5:50 Announcement of Bride & Groom

                     First Dance

    6:00-6:15 Salads Will Be Served

    6:30-6:45 Open Buffets For Dinner

    7:30 Best Man Toast

            Cut Cake

            Father/Daughter Dance

            Mother/Son Dance

          Anniversary Dance 

    8:00 DJ Dance Party

    9:00 Bouquet Toss/Garter Toss

    9:30 Photographers Leave

    11:00 Last Song

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