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2nd Fitting = Disappointment. (Kinda long)

So, I had my 2nd fitting today. I eagerly anticipated to see how the dress would look on me and fit without pins and clips. I get the gown on and it fits great. I go out to the room so I can look at myself in all the mirrors and the front hem line is 2 inches off the floor. During my first fitting, the dress' front hemline was nearly 4 inches off the floor with my shoes on. Granted I love my shoes, I searched hard before coming across them. But, I don't want them to be seen like that. So, one of the things to be altered was to get more lace and attach it to the front so that when I wore my shoes it would just barely touch the floor. Because, I refused to find another pair of shoes (which they tried to talk me into the first time). So, you can imagine my disappointment to find out that after paying for this particular alteration, that it wasn't correct.

I got a small lesson on the dress about why the hemline was short compared to the one that I tried on in the store (which was a couple of inches on the floor which would easily accomodate a heel). When it was ordered it was measured based off of my barefoot height of 5'5". They've asked me what size heel I planned I wearing and I told them, about 3 inches. So, when I first got the dress, it did fit so long as I didn't wear shoes. I overlooked the fact that they ordered this dress without considering my heel size and just my barefoot height. Paying for the extra material and alteration.

So, while standing in front of the mirrors my MOH and I expressed our concern about the hemline not being the correct length. The woman told me that they could order material and get it to the length that I want, but I'd have to pay for it. Again! This took me and my MOH back. That this woman actually had the gall to tell me that they can alter it, but I'd have to pay for it! A service and material that I paid for once already! I had the same shoes I had at the first fitting as well as this one. There should've been no error unless THEY ordered it wrong. Why should I pay for their mistake? The woman tried to talk me into getting different shoes and then the hem line would be okay. I don't think she realized that was beside the point. I paid for the alteration because I wanted to keep my shoes. I shouldn't have to buy new shoes to save the error that they made. So, she told me that she'll talk with her manager in the morning and see what it is that can be done. I'll probably call during my lunch break at work tomorrow to make sure this matter is taken care of. Working retail, they should know that if they screw up they need to pay for it not the customer!

Re: 2nd Fitting = Disappointment. (Kinda long)

  • How frustrating for you! I hate it when people try to pull crap like that- Good for you for standing your ground! Let us know what ends up happening- And GL!
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    what type of store measures off of barefoot height? were they out of their mind? When was the last wedding you saw when the bride paid for a nice dress and went barefoot?! -- some do it, but it is far from "normal"... they totally dropped the ball here :(

    give'em hell when you call today...and I hope all that crappy advice the alterations woman gave came free...I would be mad if instead of fixing their mistake they would want me to buy new shoes and STILL pay them...
    *I'm so sorry, this is happening*  Frown
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    [QUOTE]Wow! Sorry it happened.  Keep at them, it's their mistake in the first place and second.  Tell them to make it right.
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  • I'm surprised they didn't make you get your shoes before they measured you.  I was told to have my shoes, or at least something similar, before I got measured initially - that's one of the most important parts.  That stinks, though!  Hopefully they'll work with you and fix it.
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    How rude!! I swear these stores love to mooch off vunerable brides. Stand your ground. I agree with PP about contacting management yourself. You are definitely not in the wrong, so you shouldn't be paying for it!
    GL and keep us posted
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  • I am so sorry this happened to you! I hope you get everything squared away soon!
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  • Thanks everyone. I'm glad I'm not the only one that saw this as their fault and not mine. I did have my shoes at the first fitting. They knew the height of my shoes when they measured for the alteration. I was actually WEARING them. As far as I know, this is not a big chain. I think it's just one of those local bridal shoppes. Anyway, I called today during my lunch break to speak with the manager since I haven't heard anything yet. It just so happened that the manager had 'stepped out'. So, I left a message to be called back. Later, the seamstress called me back and informed me that she needed to speak with the woman who was there during the first fitting because she helped with the measurement. She would follow up with me tomorrow around noon. So, to be continued. I'll keep you posted.
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