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FAQs: How to add a Siggy, Acronyms, Deals, etc.

To Post a Picture in Your Signature...
Upload your picture to a web-hosting site. 
 Photobucket works the best.  
Choose the direct link to the picture, you will 
know you have the direct link because it will end in .jpg 
(or other picture file).  Another way to verify is to right click
 on the picture and go down to properties to see the URL. 
Then go to or to make 
your URLs small.  Use this code for your signature:  
<img src*="YOUR TINY URL HERE" width="180px" />  
Take out the * and then you can change the size of the 
picture by adjusting the "180" up or down.  
(Make sure the URL is not bold)


ACRONYMS We all have trouble figuring out what each acronym 
stands for when we first start posting on The Knot, so I hope this
 list helps!  
AE: Alter Ego
AW: Attention Whore
AHR: After Honeymoon Reception
BC, BCP: Birth Control, Birth Control Pills
BF :Breast Fed
**BF: Best Friend
**BF: Boy Friend
BIL: Brother-in-law (FBIL: Future-brother-in-law)
BM: Bridesmaid
BP: Bridal Party
BSC: Bat Sh** Crazy
BTW: By The Way
C&P: Copy and Paste
DD: Dirty Delete
DH: Darling Husband
DIAF: Die in a fire
DC: Darling Child
DD: Darling Daughter
DIY: Do It Yourself
DQ: Drama Queen
DS: Darling Son
DTJ: Dirty Thread Jacker
DTS: Dirty Thunder Stealer
DW: Destination Wedding
FI: Fiance
FIL: Father-In-Law
FIL's: Future-In-Laws
FG: Flower Girl
FWIW: For What Its Worth
FYI: For Your Information
GBCK: Good Bye Cruel Knot
GF: Girlfriend
GM: Groomsmen
GTG: Knottie Get Together
HM: Honeymoon
HTH: Hope This Helps or Happy to help
IHO: In Honor Of
ILs: In-Laws
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion
IRL: In Real Life
JK: Just Kidding
JP: Justice of the Peace
LIP: Link in Post
LMAO: Laughing My A** Off
LOL: Laughing Out Loud
LTBM: Living Together Before Marriage
MIL: Mother-In-Law
MOB: Mother of Bride
MOG: Mother of Groom
MOH: Maid of Honor
MUD: Made-Up Drama
NFT: No Further Text
NH: New Husband
NMS: Not My Style
NSFW: Not Safe For Work
NWR: Not Wedding Related
OMG: Oh My God
OOT: Out of Town
OP: Original Poster
PIB: Pictures In Bio
PIP: Picture In Post
PITA: Pain In The A**
PM: Private Message
PP: Previous Poster
PSA: Public Service Announcement
RB: Ring Bearer
RD: Rehearsal Dinner
RP: Repost
ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing
SAHM: Stay-At-Home Mom
SAHW: Stay-At-Home Wife
SAHD: Stay-At-Home Dad
SB: Snarky Brides
SIL: Sister-in-law (FSIL-future-sister-in-law)
S/O: Speaking Of or Spin Off
Siggy: Signature in lower parts of your post
STD: Save the Date
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TK: The Knot
TMI: Too Much Information
TTC: Trying To Conceive
T-TTC: Trouble Trying To Conceive
TY: Thank YouWR: Wedding Related
WTF: What the Fu**?
WTH: What the Hell?
WW: Work Warning
XP: Extra post, or cross-post (posting the same thing on different boards)
YGPM: You've Got a Private Message
YWIA: Your Welcome In Advance
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