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Dress Buying?

I am planning on buying my dress in six months(january 2011), does anyone think that is too early? My FI wants to wait until January 2012 to buy the dress. I think that is WAY too late. So when are you thinking of buying your dress? 
We have the space to store it BTW.

Re: Dress Buying?

  • I think 1/11 is too early, and 1/12 is too late. Is there a particular reason you want to buy it in January?  What about next summer, about a year from now?

    And I don't think space to store it is the issue that people have with buying a dress early. If you do buy in January, who is to say that you're still going to love the dress 16 months later. Or it might not fit then. Do you want FI to see the dress before the wedding? If not, are you both okay with potentially having in the house for over a year?
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  • I agree with pantherRN--1/11 is too early and 1/12 is too late. I hear you should buy your dress between 9 and 12 months before the wedding, which gives you enough time for alterations and whatnot. So I guess that'd put you around May of 2011 to September 2011 for shopping. But if anything i'd go on the earlier side then the later side to make sure you have enough time to find "the one" and to make sure it fits. :)
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  • I'm waiting till the summer before our wedding--plenty of time for any dress that needs to be worked with/sent in--(my maid of honor's dress took 5 months to even get here! let alone alterations). Jan 2011 is early, but not too early to start looking ;)
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  • I'm going to be honest. I'm already looking. I've already tried on dresses, and found what I like.

    I do not, however, have any plans on buying anything until next year for sure (unless I find something AMAZING, and know I can put it somewhere), around March of 2011. Find it, order it, size it, and make sure it is the one.

    Early or not, if you find it, and you know its the one... you know what to do.

    But, keep in mind that you may change in size, change in plans, etc...

    So do what's best for you. :)
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  • Thanks Ladies! I was given a dress from my friend and was only asked to cover shipping {twenty dollars!} So I'm going to get that one. 

    Which may seem crazy, but If I find a better dress, I want to use this one for a "trash the dress" style engagement photos with my FI. So either way, it was only twenty bucks.

    : ) I won't start looking again until June. 
  • I've been dreaming a bit about the dress, since it's technically about a year too early to purchase it, and I found one at David's Bridal that's exactly what I was looking for and it's about a third of what I was expecting/budgeting to spend on a dress. I'm trying to talk myself out of it so I don't have to worry about my weight for two entire years, but it's so not easy to do.
  • I am recently engaged and all I want to do is to try on dresses! But I would be way to worried it wouldn't fit or I didn't like it a year from now. I will probably dress shop about a year ish before the wedding... 
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  • I think 2011 is perfect. Not too early. What you are forgeting is that its like a 4-6 month wait normally to GET the dress to the store plus all the alterations.

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  • Well, I guess I'm the odd man (girl) out here. I just bought my dress in June (2010). I don't think it's too early at all. If I loved it then, I'm obviously going to love it the day of my wedding. I'm going to stop looking at other dresses and my body size isn't going to change a rediculous amount that I am going to need a different size. I say if you want to go this January, then go!
  • Also, with most places, no matter when you order the dress, it won't be in the store until 12-16 weeks before your wedding. Even though I ordered is this past June, it's still wasn't coming into the store until 12 weeks before my wedding. I had to call and BEG them to have it come in 16 weeks before, just IN CASE there was something wrong with it (God forbid). Hope this helps!
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