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Tree planting ceremony

I was really trying to find something to do in our ceremony that would fit with out wedding theme (love birds) and location (a park) and ended up reading a few articles about planting a tree during the ceremony. I found this to be a cute idea but can find very little on how the ceremony actually goes (maybe two or three blogs/websites) I am still trying to work out what the wording will be while we do this but I found this website and wanted to share with other who may be doing a similar thing. It is a sculpture that is for sale but I love the first paragraph describing how the trees will mature and grow together.

We plan on planting two trees, probably will just put a little dirt on them and water them so its not too messy but I like the idea of them growing together and strenghtening eachother. 

If you ladies have ideas about how this could work or ideas on wording please share. Thanks
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