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thoughts on dances

Do you think it would be a big deal to combine the mother/son and father/daughter dance and have us both dance with our respective parents at the same time?  This has always been my plan to save time.  I'm not overly close to my dad, and don't anticipate it being a really emotional time.  And while my FI is pretty close to his mom, neither of them are especially sentimental.   But, I guess  I am worried that my dad or his mom may feel slighted.  It really wouldn't shorten our dance, it would just be shared spotlight.  What do you think?

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    I would talk to your dad and his mom about it before making a decision. If they are ok with it, then go for it. If either one of them seems a little upset by the notion, then do two dances. It's not worth hurting one or both of them to save 3-4 minutes. 
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    Good point Cackle.  This is why I love these boards.  I am sure I was over thinking this, and really all I need to do is ask them.  Thanks!!

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    No problem! And yes, I Iove these boards for exactly that reason - I over-think little things and it's nice to get an outside perspective that makes you realize you were over-thinking in the first place. :)
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    I would talk with them just to be sure they are okay. Don't worry about time, people expect these kind of dances at weddings and in reality each song is about 3 minutes.
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    I've been thinking about doing this, too.  I'd ask them and see how they feel.  To break up all the "boring" dances, I think FI and I will do our 1st dance right after our entrance, and then wait to do the parent first dances after dinner.  I do agree though, 10 minutes of watching people slow dance is b-o-r-i-n-g so we're trying to break it up =]
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    I think as long as you talk to your dad & FMIL & they are okay with it, then it's perfectly fine! I've heard of others doing this as well.
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    I would combine them if you two would like to combine them. I think it would actually be kind of nice to show that the parents aren't trying to compete against each other....
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    FWIW I saw this at a wedding recently and honestly found it to be horrible. It was very awkward because I felt like they were trying to rush everything so they could leave. I didn't think the song fit both mother and father of the couple. I think this could be done correctly and would love to see it that way. But I would choose a song carefully so that it fits both situations.

    Also I agree talking to the parents would help because they may want the spotlight moment.
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