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*Monday Madness* (Again)

My previous post isn't showing up.. so I'll try again!
*Someone posts a word and we all discuss it*

Re: *Monday Madness* (Again)

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    ugh, I just spent 10 minutes posting on the last one!!

    My idea was posting photos of wedding bands/e-rings now that most of us have them.
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    I love this choice!!

    My engagement ring in front of the Mackinac Bridge where FI proposed to me :)

    My engagement ring and wedding band. I absolutely love my wedding band!!! This picture makes my ring look yucky compared to my band.

    I think this is FI's ring... We haven't seen it in awhile since we had to order a new one due to FI losing weight recently. I think FI's might be slightly darker but I'm not 100% sure.
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