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Who has two thumbs and a clueless FI? This girl!

My FI has this friend S whom he has been friends with for awhile. I asked FI if he wanted to invite S and his wife to the wedding and he kept saying maybe. Well our invites went out and I received no address for S so he didn't get one. FI just texted me and said "I'm going over to S house. I invited him to the wedding." WHAT?! You did what? I have no issue with inviting S to the wedding. I really like him and his wife and it's not like we don't have the space or funds to accommodate them at the wedding but I feel like such a jerk sending them a formal invitation when our RSVP date is next Thursday.

I love my FI with all of my heart and he really means well but man.. sometimes he just really doesn't get it!
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Re: Who has two thumbs and a clueless FI? This girl!

  • Lol. Guys. Tht's all I can say. :)
  • My FI just invited a friend this week as well (our invites went out over a month ago). Same story. I asked 5x if he wanted them there and he said no.  Friend called over the weekend for something NWR and suddenly " i think we should invite them!"

    ...How embarrassingly obvious it will be to them!

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    [QUOTE]Lol. Guys. Tht's all I can say. :)
    Posted by vineyard12[/QUOTE]

    This! Most definitely!!
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  • Yep. Men.. Cant live with them, and cant live without them. lol
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  • lol.... Men for real hahahaha they just don't get it!
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  • Hahaha sounds like my issue earlier this week- went to his old work for something and calls me and tells me that i need to get the addresses from 2 of the guys on facebook because they bombarded him and invited themselves to the wedding!

    Our invites have been out for almost 3 weeks and the whole time leading up to it I kept asking him how he wanted to handle it and he said no to adding them to the list!
  • Guys really just don't get how weddings are run.
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  • Ugh.  Total guy thing to do.

    Just like after my FI and I decided NOT to invite coworkers to the wedding, he felt it was okay to verbally tell the people he works with that they could come to the reception after dinner.  *Facepalm*
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  • Here here. There are 2 family members that he wants to invite still, but has not bothered to contact them about getting their addresses. SO, today I am doing reconnaissance getting one of them and he said that he will contact this other cousin today. So yay! Finally, but seriously. :)
  • The best man has asked if he could bring a different date to the wedding about 4 times now. I finally told him that I was so sorry but we really can't accomodate +1s, only SOs. He asked if he could bring one if she paid her way...of course I said no. 

    Later, he asked FI if we would invite his older doctor friend. FI responded with "if he pays his own way"
    ...a week later, BM called me and asked what address the Dr. should send his check to. FI then tells me the story. 

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