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Shower tomorrow...

is there anything special I need to say or do? Obviously, I should be very gracious to my moms friend, whose house the shower is being held at (and my moms 3 friends who are helping my mom throw the shower for me), is there anything else I need/should/expected to do? TIA!

Re: Shower tomorrow...

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    Just relax and have fun! And practice your excited/surprised face for gift opening :)
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    My mom is throwing me one tomorrow too! :) Have fun!

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    Have a great time!
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    I have one of my showers tomorrow too! Have fun!
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    Before my showers, my mom gave me heads up that it is expected that after all the gifts are open you stand up and say a general thank you to everyone who came to the shower and for all the support and lovely gifts they have given to you and FI. Not a long thank you speech, just a quick verbal thank you to everyone before the official thank you notes get out!

    Make sure you have someone to record who gave what.

    One thing we didn't do at my shower that I wish we did was gather all the cards in one spot.  The gifts got passed around the circle, with the card for everyone to look at and see who it was from (just not monetary gifts), so the cards were all with the gifts and I think some are still in the big pile of gifts that are waiting for FI and I... it would have been nice to have one of the BMs put all the cards together. We tried to do it as we were packing them all up at the end, but it was too far gone, I think.

    Have fun!
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    Mine was yesterday. It was a surprise, so after the "surprise" I went around and hugged and said hello to everyone, then after I opened each gift I said thank you and then after all of the gifts were opened I said another thanks everyone. It doesn't have to be a big speech just say thanks.
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