May 2012 Weddings

a couple checks here and there over the weekend... (PIPs)

this last weekend was definitely a lot more toned down than the weekend before but I was able to get some WR stuff done.

Got started on my escort cards:

(wanted a rustic/vintage/romantic feel for the paper that will be on the escort cards and on each table.)

(used my hole puncher to get at least 10 cutouts with a good pattern so people can match it up to the table)

(the wooden frames will house the escort cards on twine and clothespin)

(this is the inspiration but I put a rustic/romantic twist on it)

My FSIL started my flowers and here is what we came up with but have not decided what else it needs... I have time for this as well as I need to add my little brooches I have.

Finally... I know I shouldn't be planning my bachelorette party (and I'm not) but I thought these invites were so darn cute so i bought them and then gave them to my MOH. haha I'm doing it more low key but these are fun and we can write all over them to give guests more detail! =o)

Re: a couple checks here and there over the weekend... (PIPs)

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