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following the april 2012 board

ADDICTED. I love reading their recaps and there WTF posts and crap they are dealing with a few days before the wedding. totally going to be me!

Re: following the april 2012 board

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    [QUOTE]OMG, I do the same thing!  I started following the March 2012 board when it was their month,... now i've moved to April.  It's so fun to see pictures and hear what they're dealing with right now!
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    this! lol glad i'm not alone... i'm sure the june brides will be lurking once its our turn :)
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    Ohh good idea! I will start doing that too!
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    I've been lurking April (to look ahead to what's left) and June (to make sure I haven't forgotten anything!)... I wish I had been following April earlier on.. not that I didn't remember to do stuff in time, but just because :P
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    HAHA!! I started lurking on other month boards around January!  :)  I honestly wanted to see the recap/pics once the weddings were done.  But I have been following March/April much more closely since their struggles/successes will be ours in just a few short weeks!
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    Ooo great idea! Add that to my "things to do during downtime" list!
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