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* Accountability post - Happy Tuesday!

newbies: we post here to hold one another accountable for diet and fitness leading up to the big day!

Workout - did 15 minutes on the elliptical to loosen up my sore right calf and then did 45 minutes of yoga!
D - chicken on a baby spinach salad

... home sick with allergies and sinus! Might be stubborn and still try to run later...or not...
B - nothing yet, going to the DR

The rest, TBD!
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Re: * Accountability post - Happy Tuesday!

  • Hope you feel better Kat!

    L: taco salad
    D: salad, buffalo mac & cheese

    B: fiberone bar, coffee
    L: TBD
    D: homemade bolognese w/ ww pasta & salad
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  • Yesterday
    Workout - 20 minute walk at lunch and then 40 minutes on the elliptical after work
    D - Turkey sandwich 

    Workout - will be doing a barre method class this evening..
    B - FF greek yogurt with blueberries and some kashi cereal on top for crunch
    L - will be a side salad and a frozen bean and rice burrito
    D - TBD

  • Yesterday:
    D: brown rice bowl with rotisseri chicken and turkey kilbasa mixed in
    W/O: Insanity pure cardio (went back to last months workout because didn't have the full hour before the bachelor started to put in)
    S: went to girls night to watch the bachelor "girls tell all". ate a couple brownies, had a few wheat thins and dip, and a couple glasses of wine :/ couldn't resist and the women there always give me crap for being on a diet!

    B: lavish oatmeal and greek yogart
    S: protein bar

    To Do:
    L: salad with rotisseri chicken
    S: protein bar
    D: whole wheat pasta with broccoli (i think)
    W/O: Insanity
    Girls night again... which means some wine... eek!
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  • Yesterday:
    D:  microwave pizza
    W/O:  Nothing since I started to feel sick

    Home sick with sinus infection and sore throat
    So far....toast and microwave pizza
    TBD: Not sure if I will workout since I'm sick, Dinner - not sure
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