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Snow Day Checks! [a couple PIPs]

I got absolutely NOTHING done over the weekend, BUT I had a snow day yesterday and was pretty productive on the internet  (while watching Live with Kelly!, Rachel Ray, and The View ;) )!

I got ALMOST all of the addresses finished.  Still need about 5.

I ordered our nephew's gift.  FI is having 2 best men: his brother and his 7 year old nephew who means the WORLD to us.  I ordered him a gift card to amazon - yes, he's seven years old and has a Kindle Fire.  And I ordered him this shirt that FI picked out:

  BTW- that website had a shirt for dogs that said "My Mommy and Daddy are getting married."  I came THIS close to buying it for Belle.... hehe.

I finished up the ring bearer and flower girl's gifts:  art supplies, bubbles, etc.

I created and ordered Thank You cards for the wedding party, parents, attendants, etc. from VistaPrint along with a banner for the candy table.

Finally figured out how to resize our e-pics, so we're going to create our Thank You post card and photo guest book tonight.

Ordered our stamps- our post office is tiny and didn't have anything at all to choose from.

Mom mailed the shower invites.  She also included a blank recipe card and a note that said:
"Amanda is learning how to cook,
please share a recipe from your book.
Snack, app, entree, or dessert for two,
when she makes it she'll thank of you." 
Then it asks guest to bring the completed card or mail it to me if they cannot attend.  Can't wait to see the recipes I get!

Also, my Dad called and said he was bringing me some money tonight so we can get some things PAID OFF and FI's parent's offered to pay for the cake!

74 days to go.....
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Re: Snow Day Checks! [a couple PIPs]

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