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Too Many Different...

Weather forecasts.  National Weather Service says 85 degrees.  The tv says 87 30% chance of rain. says 81 and 10 % chance of rain.  Accuweather says 76.  

Jeez way to many different forecast are driving me nuts.  I know we are still 5 days away but all these different forecast I don't know what to think.  I know that I can't change the weather and whatever will be will be.  But I really want my beautiful outdoor wedding.

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Re: Too Many Different...

  • The weather will drive you crazy, I promise! The weather was all over the place in the days before our wedding. It said 10% chance of rain and partly cloudy... it misted, and sprinkled for most of the afternoon while we were taking pics... it was still perfect though :)
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  • I agree!!!!! All the forecasts for my area are different too. Think positive! Your day will be beautiful!
  • I bought a 60" white umbrella on amazon for $10 so I can just stop looking. As soon as I ordered it, the forecast changed from "scattered t-storms" to "mostly cloudy". Whatevs.
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  • Don't let the weather drive you crazy.  You won't even mind if the weather isn't perfect.  It sounds like you have pretty low chances of rain in any of the predictions (key word there) that I would just keep doing what you are doing and try to not stress over the wedding.  It will be beautiful.
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  • Stop worrying about it! You cant do anything about the weather :) whatever happens, happens. DONT look again ;) I stressed about it for my bach party and it turned out perfect and I worried SO much for nothing. So dont put that unnecessary stress on yourself :) trust me. Your day will turn out perfect! And this is coming from someone who is already married :) Been there done that LOL
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