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What a freaking day! *vent*

So with 5 days to go, I woke up this morning, cool calm collected and not sweating the wedding on Sat b/c everything was done.

Well now it's 615 pm and the following has occurred:

Florist cannot get the flowers in that we discussed months ago and went ahead and substituted without talking to me first.  With white flowers for the guys Boutonniere.  My colors are Ivory, Pink and Green.  And they were supposed to be green, lovely now they don't match the roses and daisies that are in the girls bouquets.  They used some flower called star of bethlehem.   And while I was on the phone with the florist I burned my dinner in the toaster over.

Oh and the topper-  little kid at work who is 4 decided that he didn't want shots and wasn't getting them.  He bit me and scratched my arm/face and kicked my leg.  I now have a huge bruise on my upper arm and scratches on my face and arms. going to look lovely in my halter neck dress on Saturday.  All while the mom stood there texing someone.  She looked up when I finally said, can you put that down and help me out here? Gah!  WTF is wrong with people?????
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Re: What a freaking day! *vent*

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    oh no! I've been paranoid about cat scratches but that's nothing compared to being bit by a kid!

    Hope it heals up quick.
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    Vitamin E oil should help heal those- its good with scars, too.  I'm sorry you had such a terrible day!
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    My kitty bit me (well... bites me) like it was her job. I was super paranoid but it ended up working out. Whoever is doing your makeup should be able to help.
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    Thanks ladies. I think the fact this woman had nO control off her kid is what pissed me off the most
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    I am so sorry, I hope your wounds heal fast! I wouldn't worry about the flowers, while it is annoying I doubt you will reall notice on the day of, plus it will be okay if they don't match, the GM had ivory roses, I had ivory peonies, and the BMs had yellow ranunculous.
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