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My mom is planning our RD and needs to know a count so she can let the restaurant know. Are you all inviting your wedding party's S/O's?? I'm thinking it should just be the WP and parents/grandparents, right? Our RD will literally almost double if I have to invite my WP's S/O's and their children. What are you guys doing?
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Re: RD Question

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    mandi921vhmandi921vh member
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    Just like with wedding guests it's rude to not include WP's S/O's at the RD. We are having our parents, siblings with S/O's, WP with S/O's, grandparents, and godparents.
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    kimberlykhkimberlykh member
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    We are inviting our parents, WP and their dates, the readers and their dates, and my uncle (he's our officiant). 

    You do need to invite their S/Os to the RD.  I know every wedding I've ever been in, the SOs of the WP have been there.  I think you could get away with not inviting their children though. 
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    I agree with PP. I think it would be rude to not include the S/O's of the WP. We are inviting parents, siblings (with S/O's), WP (with S/O's), ushers, and Pastor (with his wife). We'll probably have 30-40 people are our RD, alittle larger than I wanted but its hard to 'cut' people from the list :(
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    Ditto PP, they need to be invited. I don't think you need to invite their children though.
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    We're inviting WP and their S/Os, as well as our readers (and their S/Os).
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    Our RD is included in the wedding package for up to 35 people, so we basically made our guest list based on that. 

    From there, we split the number in half (we each got 17 people, then the pastor). I am inviting all BMs/MOH, none of them have SOs. Then I invited all immediate family + family coming from OOT (aunts, uncles, cousins), and they took up the rest of my people.

    FI's list is very similar, he does have a GM with an SO but we knew she wouldn't be able to come into town for the wedding anyways so he replaced her with a close friend on the invite list so we are still "even."

    I think SOs should definitely be invited, but I am sure if you don't invite anyone's children at all and you make sure they all know that you are only able to have a limited number of people they will understand. If they are young children, they may decline to come to the dinner, so expect that. 
    Some people will disagree etiquette wise with that, but personally I have handled things like that and for the most part people are very understanding.
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    Yep, what PPs said about inviting SOs.

    We invited WP/dates, readers/dates, ushers & their family, parents & our officiant.  We have only 12 people in our wedding party, but by the time you add the readers/ushers and everyone else we're up to almost 40 people.  It's way more than I wanted to spend, but we just had to bite the bullet and do it.  Then later FI's dad volunteered to pay for it, so that was nice.
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    Same with PP, WP and their S/Os (but not dates), parents and readers/SOs.  Our priest can't make the dinner so we have about 30 people : / but unfortunately we can't do much about it, but hope the S/Os won't come lol
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