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Getting to know you!

I feel like we should have a "getting to know you" post where everyone can share basic information about themselves in order to get to know each other a little more. I barely know anyone's names, especially with all the new additions to this board. :) So I put together a little form that we could all fill out just to help with getting to know each other. I really hope I get to know each of you ladies more in the months to come. Sometimes I feel like you are the only ones who understand what it feels like to have to wait this long, or to be as excited as I am, if that makes sense. (I don't have any friends that are engaged right now!) Anyways, here we go. :)

Name and FI:
How Long You've Been Together:
Wedding Date:
Wedding Colors/Theme:
Wedding location:
Favorite Thing About Your SO:
Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself:

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