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This past week as been one of the worst I've had in a long time but through it all some things are starting to get finished.

My grandma is doing really well after my grandpa passed. She's been talking about the wedding a lot and has already picked out her outfit! I'm glad she has something to look forward too.

Before everything happened with my grandpa, my mom, sister (MOH), and I went shopping to get the majority of the wedding stuff still needed. We ended up purchasing:
Eight jars for the candle table. Four came from Goodwill, one from Joanne's that we got a great deal on (yay for coupons), and one from Michael's that was super on sale.
We puchased some of the candy for the candy buffet - skittles, hot tamales, mints, laffy taffy, and M&M's so far.
We bought all the cups from GFS and got an amazing deal; 2 cases for the price of one, how awesome!!!
At Joanne's we also purchased fabric for the centerpieces to sit on and found a lady that would surge (whatever that means) them for only $1 each!
I also bought some smaller stuff like signs for the candy buffet. I found these chalkboard garden markers that I am going to jazz up to fit our theme but they were only $1 for 4 so I bought three packages.

The invitations went out on Wednesday and while I haven't gotten any RSVPs back yet I've heard from a lot of people that they love them so that makes me really happy!

I did commit one major invite faux pas though :( I sent an invitation to my grandpa's sister who is my aunt Rosalie. For some reason it never, ever occurred to me that she no longer (and hasn't for many, many years) has the same last name as my grandpa. So.... I addressed her invite to Mrs. Rosalie P. and wrote the same thing on the shower invite address that I gave to my sister. Needless to say my mom received a phone call from her the other day asking that her daughters know that her last name is not P. OOPS!!! I guess out of 95 invites, one mistake isn't terrible!

Things are slowly coming together for this wedding and I have to be honest to say that I cannot wait for it to be May 26th! I am ready to dance and enjoy all this hard (and stressful) work!!
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    Congrats on all the checks!   Things sound like they are really coming together!

    I'm sure I am going to have some wrong names on my invites as well cause FI doen't know anyones real names and his fam isn't helping much!
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    Wow congrats on getting all of that stuff done!  I'm also getting married on May 26th and I still haven't sent my invites out yet - so you are ahead of me!!  :)
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    We got a gift in the mail yesterday from a Lisa D. in a city a couple hours away. I was like...whooo the heck is Lisa D. I dont know a Lisa D. So, my FI has some family in that city and I was have got to ask and figure out who this is so we can send a thank you card (it was send directly from a BBB warehouse).

    Well a few hours later I am on facebook and the name Pippa Lisa D. Shows up on my newsfeed. My cousins wife, who goes by Pippa and I dont know if I ever knew she didnt change her name (and I didnt know her last name ever!), I was so relieved that we figured out who it was before we started asking around!! But it did make me realize that we probably addressed thier invitation wrong!! AHHH! Well she cant be too offended, she sent a gift!!!

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    Congrats on the checks! 
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    Congrats on all the checks!
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