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We are having a Sunday wedding and I was wondering everyone's opinion on a start time ( I saw the Friday one and saw a bunch of great responses).  95% of our guests are out of town and will be staying at the wedding site.  The ceremony and reception are at the same place.  Right now, we have the ceremony starting at 5pm and the reception going from 5:30 to 11pm.  Should we start things sooner like 4:30 or 5pm or do you think the 5:30 to 11pm is fine?  We do have some local guests so I want to be accommodating to their schedules as well.  Thanks for any opinions in advance!

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    I don't know anything about Sunday weddings, but that sounds realllllllllllllllllly late to me. I don't think I could stay until 11pm on a Sunday with work the next day, but maybe I'm just old!?!? Also, if I had kids I had to get to school the next day, I wouldn't want them out until 11pm on a school night.
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    The ceremony starting at 5pm and the reception going from 5:30 to 11pm is really late for a Sunday WHEN Monday is not a holiday.  If your profile is correct and 10/23/11 is your wedding date, I personally would set the start time earlier.  I would not let the reception go beyond 9:00pm.  Those who wish to can continue the party at the hotel bar (I assume they have one).  Being considerate of all your guests, 9:00pm lets those with kids sneak out at 8:00pm or a little later and not feel like they missed anything.  Those who are w/o kids or work can continue to party at the bar.  Most hotel bars will allow your guests a discount at their bar after the reception. 

    Good luck!
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    I'm also having a Sunday wedding and I'm still trying to decide what time to start things as well (also same location for ceremony and reception).  My friends and family told me that it doesn't bother them and the people who care and are important to you will not see this as a big deal.  They also point out the fact that look at how many people have no problem staying out drinking/partying for a Steeler game.  I'm leaning toward having mine done by 10 I think.  Ask the people that matter most to you that will be attending, then go from there.
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    I'd move it as early as you can, unless you know your OOT guests are happy with taking Monday off.  It would be hard for them to find any flights out Sun night after 11pm.  Something like a 2pm start time would be great for a Sunday wedding, imo

    If they all don't care about staying overnight, I'd still start at 4:30 or 5, because then they can catch earlier flights back the next day.
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    Ditto md.
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