May 2012 Weddings

all i do is complain about my MOH/sister!!!!

Pre:story.....i have 2 jobs...1 full time M-F and one part time Saturday and Sunday...JUST to pay my bills...with a little of extra cash due to my second job..

My MOH/sister is yelling at me cuz i wont call of work to spend time with my neices (her daughters)...meanwhile...last month i was off EVERY SUNDAY and she never asked me ONCE to go to her house ( ive never been there and its 2 hours unless she gives me directions i cant go there...)

AND she keeps telling me now to call off...i cant just call off...i hardly worked last month cuz i had to do my marriage classes and couldnt i suffered about $300 of pay just to do i really need to work alot in November to make up for the loss of pay last month...

she is just really irritating because she hasnt worked a day since she has been 18..and she is 29!! I understand she is a stay at home mom..but she has NOT concept of money!!

just needed to vent.....UGH!!!!
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