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Goodbye stuff see you in a month

So our wedding is 4 hours out of town, and I realized a week or so ago its going to be an issue getting all the wedding stuff up there, we only want to take one vehical because we are planning on going straight to the airport for the honeymoon and I dont want to leave my car 4 hours away from where we will come home! No big deal, but that cuts out a lot of space, because now not only do we not have my vehical but I am planning on going up with my mom a few days before the wedding, and between us at my nephew theres no room left in the car for anything else! Anyways my dad is going up this weekend on other business so I have asked him to take some stuff up to leave at my aunts, hes taking a pickup so anything he takes is going in the back, so I have put everything in garbage pags and he promised he will weight a tarp over it, but its pretty scary seeing some of my hard work go away not to be seen again until the week of the wedding, knowing its going over the mountains int he back of a pickup! AHHHH. Its exciting its close enough to be sending stuff up, but terrifying that I dont have control over its safe arrival there!

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Re: Goodbye stuff see you in a month

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    I haven't figured out how we're fitting all the stuff I have into my car, plus my dress, suitcases, his suit, etc into my car.we won't have an passengers, but its still a lot of stuff! It's good that your dad could help you out and take some of your things up now. It's one less thing to worry about when you head up there. I think I need to figure this out! And we can't make another trip because the ferry with a car is expensive! I bet your house is cleaner now!
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    eek that would make me nervous too! I'm sure it will be fine though! Try not to picture your things rolling down the side of a mountain! Wink
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    At least its out of your hair!  I would be kind-of nervous though, too!
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    At least you have someone that can take your stuff- We've had to install a tow hitch on my car so we can rent a Uhaul to drag all of our stuff across the country.

    Toyota Matrix's look slightly ridiculous with a hitch. I'm just saying ;p

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