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So we've been busy...

...doing projects around the house!  We moved in March 2011, and I swear we've gotten more projects done around here since the wedding than in the entire year+ that we were here before.

-We finally painted the accent wall I wanted & got the bar cabinet from C&B I've had my eye on for over a year.  The wall is a light blue, surrounding walls are light beige/cream.  I have 2 photo montage frames to hang here, and then I want to get a bigger wall clock to hang in the middle of them.

And all of our barware/booze fits inside - it opens up for a party =]

We also bought a sweet mirror for our bedroom (the one I had before was tiny, and this one is huge!).  Our ceilings are 12 feet so it gives you a little of an idea how tall it is, I was standing about 12 feet away

Our new dresser (and my clothes awaiting being put away!)

And last but not least, we've been needing to mulch our yard BADLY since we moved in.  Seriously, there was like no mulch left anywhere and all the dirt around our plants was starting to erode away.  We ordered 9 cu. yards and got everything done!  Filled in the existing beds, and then made 2 circular beds around trees in our yard and then made 2 large new beds on the back and side of our house.  Now I just need to pick out some plants/trees to put in them!

 one of our new beds

 the other new bed

 one of several of our downspout creatures!

Our yard looks 1000% better.  Before we were having weeds grow up like every day because there was no mulch.  I spent last weekend weeding like crazy and pruning the sh#t out of everything because it was growing out of control!

...and after 9 hours of working out in the yard, H is currently upstairs installing our new roman blinds in our bedroom.  I knew there was a reason I married this guy ;)

photo trex2_zps7ab4e9b0.jpg
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