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NWR: Is anyone else job hunting right now?

FI and I are both graduating college the weekend before the wedding. We are both interviewing like crazy and while that sounds good, we have both had a lot of first interviews with not a lot of feedback. Currently we both have 1/2 strong prospects...but you never know until the papers are signed! 

It feels insane trying to balance wedding planning (considering it's also a hobby of mine I want to spend WAY more time on it than I should...but then again I am sure that applies to all of us on here!) with finishing school AND trying to find a job. We are also both interviewing for jobs OOT from where we currently live at school so there is a lot of traveling involved. It is so incredibly stressful. 

Just wondering if anyone else is sharing in this stress/will vent with me haha. 

Re: NWR: Is anyone else job hunting right now?

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    FI & I are long distance so i'm interviewing for Florida jobs, so I definitely understand.


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    FI & I are long distance also, I'm job hunting in Colorado.  I had one interview that went really really well, but I'm still waiting to hear back..

    good luck!! 
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    FI and I are graduating in May too, and I'm job hunting, and am getting discouraged :(
    FI had found a job in both his hometown, and the town where we go to college, so now I just need to find one in either city.
    I feel like most places are looking for someone to fill the position now, or want more experience.. its so tough!! Any advice anyone?
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    I am job hunting as well. Its a little hard for me. Teaching jobs aren't normally posted for next year for another month or so. I haven't been able to do a whole lot, but I'm trying. I'm moving to Virginia.
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    I know how stressful job hunting post graduation can be, but I can only imagine how much more stressful it is while wedding planning!  Just know that in 2-3 months it will all work out.
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    I have been job hunting for a few months as well. Between the wedding job hunting and buying a home things have been too crazy! I have been focused on the wedding trying to use the time that I am not working to save as much money as possible.
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