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Is anyone thinking about sending out wedding announcements to people that you were not able to invite to your wedding?? when do you send them out? are you putting an announcement in the newpaper? how many papers are you going to send your announcement to?
we're having a very small wedding, so I want to send out announcements to the relatives and friends who are not going to be at the wedding. I'm thinking that I may also have the announcement listed in my local paper, and the local newpaper(s) where I grew up and went to high school.
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    I plan on putting an announcement in my hometown newspapers and the newspapers my grandparents receive.

     I am not planning on sending individual announcements to people who were not invited. To me that seems a litle bit like rubbing it in their face. Maybe this is more customary in your region though? If so, then why not?

    As far as when, the newspapers I will be submitting to all have requirements that it must be submitted within a certain time period afer the wedding (a couple of weeks, I think).
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    No annoucements, but there will be an announcement in my FI and I's hometown papers.
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    My parents put us in our local newspaper right about they year mark. :)
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    [QUOTE]No annoucements, but there will be an announcement in my FI and I's hometown papers.
    Posted by AurorasEnvy[/QUOTE]

    <div>This is what we will be doing.</div>
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