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I love your idea of using business cards that include photo sharing information for your guests! How exactly did you word the instructions for guests to do so? I have no idea where to begin, I am horrible with directions.

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    I don't mean to thread-jack but I did photo sharing cards too.

    Here's the one that I printed from Vista Print:

    Hope this helps!! I think Gabby has more directions on hers, but this one wouldn't let me print anything on the back...I think it's pretty self explanatory though.
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    Ooo, thanks for bringing this up- We're doing this, too, but I hadn't even thought about how to word it :)
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    Here's the front of my card:

    I don't have a photo of the back, but it's just black and white.  Here's the text:

    To upload your photos:
    1. Go to (don't forget, there's no "e" in flickr!).  Click "Sign In" on the top right.
    2. Yahoo! ID: xxxxxxxxxxx, password: xxxxxxxxx.
    3. Click "Upload" at the top right.
    4. Click "Choose photos and videos" and browse your computer for your images.  Upload as many as you are willing by clicking the "Add More" link. 
    5. Click the "Upload Photos" button.  You can describe the photos if you'd like to, but if you don't have time, don't worry about it!

    Thank you!

    To check out everyone else's photos from the wedding, visit:
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