Engagement Photographers?

Hello fellow knotties! 

I'm looking for a reasonably priced engagement session in the Pittsburgh area. We've booked a wedding photographer (a family friend who does weddings in VA Beach), but we don't want to travel down there, or make him come up here, for the engagement session! 
Any recommendations? Anybody to avoid? 


Re: Engagement Photographers?

  • What's reasonable? Everyone's definition is different.

    There is a recommended vendors link in the first post on the main board, I'd start there.
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  • There was just an engagement photo Groupon for $99! Unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore though. I've looked up dozens of photographers in the area in the past week or so, most of them list their prices right on their page. I know I came across a few that had e-session anywhere from $150-300 and up. Just look for ones with photos that match the ideas you have and narrow down the prices from there.

    I'm using Maria Palermo for my e-session, I may even use her for my boudoir and wedding photos, too.

    Good luck!
  • Our photographer includes e pics in the wedding package.  The pics are great and so are the prices.  I can't imagine just an e session costing much with them at all.  We aren't doing our pics until summer, but Kristy has been great already with emails.
  • I used Kevin Fisher and could not be more happy, had a ton of fun and the turn around time was minimal [email protected]
  • Caitlin Thomas Photography.   She did our engagement and wedding photos -- although engagement is included in wedding packages.  She is out of the office until 5/3 because she is getting married tomorrow (yay!), but she does fabulous work.  Maybe check back with her after 5/3.


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  • Jason Bartley of JNB .
    He does some really amazing pictures !
    Friends of mine who started their own business recently

    I used my wedding photographer Ashley from Fallons Photography - also great !
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