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Extra postage? Might have screwed up!

Did you require extra postage on your invites? Mine are not oddly shaped so I thought I was ok, but after talking to a friend tonight I'm worried I purchased the wrong postage! I took the outer envelop & response envelop with me to the PO today to find out how much postage I needed. I didn't even think about assembling an entire invite with the inclosurers to be sure the postage is enough for the weight of the invite. Sh!t! I might have messed up & wasted $100 in postage. Hopefully not though. What'd y'all do for yours?

Re: Extra postage? Might have screwed up!

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    When I get mine ready to send out. I'm just going to have them in a box and take them to the Post Office for them to weigh and apply the postage for each then. I want to avoid postage shortage for sure.
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    You can always get stamps for the difference and just add them to the stamps you already have. At most you'll probably need 20 cents more, and they have 20 cent stamps, so you won't have wasted any money. :)
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    I took an invitation that was already put together and had them weigh it at the post office. I was surprised to find out that my invites required 65 cent stamps on the outer envelope even though they aren't (in my opinion) any bigger than any other letters I typically send out. I would just take a completed invite to the post office and see how much extra you will need for each.
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    I took a completely assembled invite to the post office and had them weigh it. Mine are actually costing me $.85 because they all need to be hand cancelled because I decided to get fancy and add a little gem to each one which (according to the postal worker) could make them get caught in the machine. I just bought 2 $.45 stamps for each one since the $.85 cent stamps were hideous...  :) good luck! I would take an assembled one though and have it weighed.
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    I'm going to take mine to two different post offices because I want to get the weight right. You'll need extra postage on your invites if you have a "bump" on them, like gems or a bow or if they are square. These can't go through their sorting machines and have to be hand cancelled. Otherwise, most invites should come in around $0.65 or $1.00 at most.
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    I would recommend taking a fully assembled invitation with you to the post office to have it weighed.

    My invitations normally would have cost $0.65 to send, but since mine had ribbons tied around them that is an extra $0.20 because they are "non-machineable."

    I went ahead and used two $0.45 wedding stamps just because it looked nicer than having mismatched stamps. Then my RVSP cards were $0.45.
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    My mom mailed me a fully assembled invitation (they were sent to her in MN and I'm in NE) and it required $0.65 in postage.  I would just go get yours weighed at the post office- you can always just add an extra stamp like pp's have said.
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    Thanks ladies! I went to the PO today & they cost 65 cents to mail. So I ended up buying the 65 cent stamps & I'll be able to use the regular stamps on my thank yous. Problem solved!
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    I purchased the wedding forever stamps and used two per invite and one for the RSVP card.  I figure that should cover any extra cost for hand cancelling and what not.  :)
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    Definitely take a fully assembled envelope to the post office to have it weighed.
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    I weighed my fully assembled sample on my chemistry scale and then went up a level because it is "stiff". Between the invitation postage, the Reply postcard postage, and my thank yous I think I have prepared for every kind of postage imaginable!
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