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My weekend started off great...not so much.

One of my BM has backed out of my wedding. She says that because I snapped at her and she doesn't want to deal with it anymore (I am unaware that I had done anything prior as well), and that my friendship means more to her than her being in my wedding. So she is coming to the wedding but isn't in the wedding. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm relieved, because now my FI doesn't have to find another man to be a groomsman. I'm also sad, because I ddin't think that anything was wrong, besides me snapping at her. I didn't mean to snap, and I felt really bad afterwards and apologized, everything was fine until the next day when she called and told me that. I'm happy that she did it because she wants to preserve our friendship, but I feel like it's a cop-out for something else. She didn't even want to talk things out before breaking it off. What do you ladies think? If you need more info I can give it, it's just a lot to type :)

Re: My weekend started off great...not so much.

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    Your sides do not need to be even, you choose your side and your FI chooses his. As for your friend/BM I would definitely talk with her more about this. Friends fight but it seems you apologized and she isn't really explaining her reasons... I am confused by what you mean when you say that you are happy she dropped out of the wedding to preserve your friendship... what does that mean exactly?

    Recently my MOH and I were feuding over a misunderstanding, it took her a few days to see my side whereas I immediately saw hers when I had all of the information. Finally we forgave each other. We talked a lot about how we felt and were committed to making things right, because after all we are best friends and I asked her to be my MOH for a reason.
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    One of my BMs and I had a little argument Sunday, and I wanted to wait until I calmed down to post this. She started by telling me that her mother was pissed off at me and that she was too because she thought that I was changing everything for the wedding last minute and that I couldn't answer her every question about the day of plans (I'm still working that part out) and so I snapped back and it got out of hand. We eventually calmed down after much yelling and tears and we started talking like normal human beings about everything and got everything squared away. I answered all her questions to the best of my ability and that was that. The next day she calls me and tells me that she can't be in my wedding and that she doesn't want to deal with it because I'm not including her in every detail of the planning (sorry to say it but it's mine and my fiance's wedding not yours, butt out. I have had to do this with my mom even because she just got so controlling) and that I have been a bitch and a bridezilla and has declined to give me examples of when I acted as such. She says that she still wants to be friends and wants to support us and come to the wedding. I'm still letting her come to the wedding, no big deal, I want to work through this. Then she says and I quote, "If I had been having as many hang-ups as you have and if I was unable to have everything planned, ordered, and paid for before 3 months before my wedding I would postpone it for another date." And she got off the phone. And I'm like WTF! ( I can't think of a hang-up that has caused us true problems) Just posting it pisses me off! Am I being a bad person reacting this way? Please be honest, I can take the criticism :)
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