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Crunch Time...what are your weekend plans

SO whats going on this weekend girls????

Me: Going to the florists to have our final design sit down. Very nervous.... the florist is the one vendor im a little scared about. Mostly because of the visual aspect and having no real Idea what i wanted for flowers. UGH!

I also plan on going and buying our swarovski toasting flutes. I have an extra Nightingale pendant from the BM gifts im not using now that i lost im going to try and return it and get a credit toward the flutes.
  I just finished designing my programs and i should be in print mode next week.
Then i just need to assemble them.

i started making my tulle bows for the bridge and staircase in the aquarium....and we met with our photographer to go over the shots we want taken.

I cant think of too much more i have to get done.

Re: Crunch Time...what are your weekend plans

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    When I think of what I am doing this weekend, I say, "UMMMMM" 

    I need serious help! 
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    We plan on getting a lot of moving done this weekend.  Golf season starts back up next week, so FI will be pretty much MIA for a while.  We need to get as much done as possible while we can.  I will probably get some wedding things ordered- like the candy.  Our shower is Saturday afternoon... so excited!

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Crunch Time...what are your weekend plans</a>:
    [QUOTE]When I think of what I am doing this weekend, I say, "UMMMMM"
    Posted by leahstinson[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>I have no clue exactly what we're doing, but holy cow, we're going to be doing a TON of whatever it is.</div>
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    I have bridals this weekend. Which includes hair and makeup trial.

    Plus I need to get a few more vases for centerpieces and return some of the feathers I thought I was going to be using to Hobby Lobby.

    I still need to finish a few projects. And then get ready for the cookout we are having next Sunday so that our parents can meet.
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    I need to start on my escort cards. It would be nice if people actually RSVP's. I mean, I know they're comming because they booked their hotel room....but sheesh people!

    I also need to finish my starfish aisle markers. I still have a few more to buy, but Michael's only carries a few at a time and last week when I went they were all broken!

    I need to figure out the voitives for the table to go with the centerpieces and then do some random votives with seashells for random tables.

    On Monday I am heading to NH to see my mom's seamstress so she can alter my RD dress.

    I feel like it's under control and if there are things I miss, then no one will miss them!
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    i'm having to focus on house stuff this weekend.  getting it fixed up to rent.

    - had the pest control people come and spray
    - got new flooring installed downstairs (hooray!)
    - painting trim, and touching up paint where needed
    - putting in a new digital thermostat
    - installing shelves in the closet downstairs

    i'm sure there's more i'm forgetting... i have a list... somewhere.....
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    My first fitting is on April Fool's Day :)

    Other than that, I'm stuffing/stamping invites and sending them out, paying off some vendors, working on the wedding day schedule, RD guest list, and starting to pack to move to my FI's house.
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    We are working on the placement cards and getting checks sent off.  I feel really bad that my checking is going to dwindle down to barely nothing after this weekend.  Bummer
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    Hopefully I'll finish the program design. I'd also like to make my bracelet and my MOH's jewelry. There's so much left to do!
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    We are picking up our wedding rings and having a final details meeting with the DJ. 
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    Final Dress Fitting!
    Sewing our table runners

    I'm a teacher and we are on spring break this coming week, so I have a huge checklist (like 2 pgs long) of things to get done that week!

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    I am working tomorrow; FIL's are coming into town tomorrow night so we'll go to dinner with them; taking FMIL dress shopping on Sunday; probably fine tune the RD invites so I can send those out; look over my lists and make sure I have everything moving forward as planned! :)
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    Two showers (one church, one FI's family), planning reception outline with our MC, printing and stamping programs.

    Alot will probably be added to that list as I go.... the list seems to always grow!
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    I am going for my dress fitting, and find a headband and earrings.
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    I'm housesitting, so can't really do anything on the wedding front except stress about what isnt done...but it is kind of nice to get away for a couple days...

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