May 2012 Weddings

me thinks tk ate my post:( anyways GREAT TRIP!

nyc was awesome! we had tons of great food and had fun shopping in china town. I got an awesome  new bag and there was an artist who was doing pictures out of painting names. like each letter would be a diffrent piece of the picture... we got one of them and i got a new video game and the connectors that i needed for my system. We also went to this awesome resteraunt and had DUCK! I love rost duch and this place was wonderful! noisy and crowded but cheap and delicious foood!
Let me just say that i love fiance's family soooo much! I was all worried about shower gifts and what not but i shouldnt have been. in their family the tradition is the shower is mostly money to help the bride pay for the wedding. 

They gave us 1500 dollars toward the wedding!
we also got some gifts

I got a brand new camcorder! I love it sooo much i've been filming like a mad person! I've ALWAYS WANTED A CAMCORDER BUT THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE I NEVER THOUGHT TO ASK FOR ONE! 

We got a brand new set of knives and a box of tupperware!

My cousin in law to be got me some lingere

and my niece to be got us hello kitty bride and groom dolls! they are so cute! the bride even has a silky viel that can be put up or down and she said now my fiancce can practice putting the veil up and down. lol
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Re: me thinks tk ate my post:( anyways GREAT TRIP!

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