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Freaking out!!

This is what's in store for us in the next 24 hours:

I'm panicking and FI is totally not taking it seriously! We are considered in the "life threatening tornado zone" for tomorrow night! T&P that things won't be as bad as what they are predicting!

Re: Freaking out!!

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    Ok breathe..and buy an umbrella...just in case..i think it said rain in the maybe itll be sunny for ur ceremony..even if it rains in evening youll be inside reception site..everything will work out..just pray and ask for traveling grace for you, your family and guest...oh and if you planned an outdoor wedding...have a backup plan in place..good luck hugs
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    Be prepared for all weather and realize that weather people are wrong as often as the are right :-)
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    She said the next 24 hours....not for her wedding day! Just pray for the girl like she asked! 
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    Do you have a safe place to go if the weather is severe and there are tornados? If not, I would plan that now and figure out where you can go so you can be safe. I think the planet is going to implode or something.

    Good luck and stay safe!

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    Good luck- I'm in NE and we're supposed to get that same weather system- they are telling us we will get life-threatening tornadoes, and we have no storm shelter in our apt... Hope it turns out okay for you (and us)!!
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    I will be sending you Knottie Vibes the weather isn't as bad as it is supposed to be!
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    Sending you knottie vibes too!  We might get some of this storm here in TX but, nothing like what they say might hit parts of the Midwest.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! :)
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    Mdoyle1217..dont b rude...we on a wedding website and op seemed devastated in reference to the weather..just was showing concern and assurance..i apologize to op I didnt look at your bio to see ur wedding date therefore I assumed it was concerning your wedding..i do pray for your safety and those in your area
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