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Dress drama

I'd like to start by saying I know I've made two HUGE mistakes here - I am fully aware that I need to accept the consequences but I really need advice and input on what you would do if you were me. 

So, literally a week after being engaged, I went to a bridal store and bought the first dress I thought I loved. I fell out of love with it a couple months later, and of course it's not returnable, and I have to figure out something to do. Well, Mom said go find another dress, but she's not paying. So, I found a photo of a dress I was totally obsessed with and after thinking about it for a couple of weeks I sought out someone to make it. I enlisted "Shades of Pale" located in China via email to make this dress for me.

Yes, stupid, I know. I really wanted that darn dress and couldn't find it anywhere and I was stubborn and determined. 

Well, communication with SOP was awesome for the first couple of months. They'd always respond within a day or so of my emails. Now that the time has passed when they originally told me the dress would be ready and I would be receiving pictures of it (mid February), I've started bothering them, and they took literally a week and a half to respond to my 3 emails I sent them in that time. There's no reason this should have happened, holidays or anything. I also got no explanation for what was taking so long. 

Now, they're telling me that the dress "should be ready around the middle of this month." Okay, so my bridal portraits are April 8 and they knew that. Somehow this is taking a month longer than originally quoted and the dress more than likely will not arrive on time, assuming it does ship mid-March. 

One of the reasons I went with them is because they have a return policy. Right now all we've paid them is $265 - half the cost of my dress to get started making it. I'm pretty sure I can cancel the order right now and get that money back - or at least open a paypal claim.

So here is what I want everyone's opinion on: what should I do now? Cancel the dress, get my money, and start shopping hoping to find a sample on sale I love? Or keep harassing SOP hoping it will light a fire and have them get things done quickly when they may or may not answer me promptly/honestly? 

Ugh. This sucks. I know it's 100% my fault for making stupid moves but now I need to find a way out of this mess. 

Thanks everyone. 

Re: Dress drama

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Dress drama : I have to agree with this too... and you're right, a China made dress...not such a good idea.
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    Ditto also.

    If you still don't love your original dress, I'd look at sample sales , David's Bridal, or even some of the department stores that are selling wedding dresses now. But definitely, cancel the one in China immediately so you can start looking locally.

    I'm a 2 dress bride too - don't feel bad. I rushed into my decision also, but it ended up working out because Alfred Angelo gave me a credit that I used to help my BMs get their dresses cheaper. I ended up buying "the" dress in a sample sale for less than $500. You'll make something work :)
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Dress drama</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'll have to agree with PPs.  Cancel the China dress and try the first dress on again.  After all the headaches the second dress caused, you might like the stress free first dress better.
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    <div>I agree as well. </div>
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    [QUOTE]I agree with PPs, try on your original dress.  From what I've read on TK about dresses made in China, even when the girls receive the dresses most of the time they aren't wearable because the size is way off, it looks nothing like the dress in their photo, or the craftmanship is just too horrible - I'd try and get your money back while you can.  I'd either look for sample sales or go to David's like PP said - they could probably get you a brand new dress in a matter of weeks.
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    <div>This exactly!</div>
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    Just a quick update for all of you...

    I've emailed them a couple more times and asked if I can pay some sort of rush fee to have it completed faster/shipped faster. The only reason I'm still bothering is because they have a return policy even after you receive the dress.

    No response. 

    Thanks for all of your ideas and input! Can DB really have dresses come in that fast? 

    Problem is I'm out of town and the original dress is at my parent's house. I'm going to be there for a week starting Friday so I'm going to try it on one more time and if it's not there, I'm gonna head right over to DB and see what they can do for me. 
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