May 2012 Weddings

Three things I wanted to share! Long :) guests are so slow to RSVP...I know we gave them till the 19 th but come on more the 60% haven't heard from! I don't care about my slow family or bridal party who I know whose coming but the 20 we are unsure of would be great to get back sooner! Anxious bride here! My Bach party is the 14! One of my bms just ordered shirts! We going to a phillies game then just bar hopping in the city. My bridal party shirts Re going to say "brides starting line up" my other girls are going to say "brides bullpen" ...and mine is going to say "last trip around the hurry up hunter pence!" ha I'm so excited...believe it or not my fi came up with my shirt saying! Last thing is in my grad class we had to study a website..since everyone in my class knows I'm getting married the professor picked the was an executive class so it's over and he asked me if I be okay with sending him pictures of the wedding since it became such a discussion matter! He is awesome am I excited to share with him!
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