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Anybody practicing/practiced the kiss?  Is it worth practicing?  Will we even remember what we practiced?
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    I wanted to but my fi told me I'm ruining the moment hahaa
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    We have some. Because I didn't want like a make out session going on lol but I didn't want just a little peck either like we have seen lately.

    Who knows if we will remember it but at least it gives us an excuse to kiss and be loving.
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    We havent yet.. but I remember FSIL practicing.. We should think of something!
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    We are practicing :) even if it doesn't help you the day of, at least its fun! 
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    Hahah! Reminds me of "The Wedding Singer"....."No porno tongue.  Church tongue!"
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    Yes, we practiced a million times, because I wanted FI's nose to be facing the guests (I hate my profile) and even with all of the practicing FI still turned his head the wrong way and I forced us to go the original way and we ended up looking like we were having our first kiss haha!
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