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OMG!! My MOH is driving me nuts!

soo because she refused to do anything for my shower, my FSIL stepped up and is doing 75% of the work (all food, favors) soo now my MOH/sister isnt coming to the shower cuz she said its a waste of her time if she is only bringing one thing of food!


Re: OMG!! My MOH is driving me nuts!

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    This is your sister? Wow. I don't even know what to say. I'd want to slap her. She can't come to just be with you? I'd tell you want her to come regardless, because first and foremost, she is your sister and you want her company. If she doesn't bring anything, so be it.
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    She's not my MOH and I want to slap her. What does it matter what she brings? Guests won't truely know that. She is still your MOH and she still needs to be there. That is rude of her! Sorry she's being a pain!
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    Dear Sister/MOH,

    Please see your way our of our wedding party. My FSIL was trying to help you out and now you say my shower isn't worth your time b/c you're only bringing 1 dish. Opps, sorry forgot - the shower actaully isn't for me, is it??

    (sorry, feeling froggy today)
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    Dang. She could at least come and support you.

    If whether or not she's bringing food to the event determines if she chooses to attend, why is she going to the wedding? Or does she think she's catering that too...
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    Wow.... I seriously would have to reconsider the MOH title for her. The fact that she told you that your shower was a waste of time hurts even MY feelings. Is there possibly a jealousy thing floating around here??? Maybe it's because the buzz is all about you, she feels a bit like soggy bologna. Maybe you should have a chat with her..... and if that doesn't work, an old fashioned A$$ Whuppin' couldn't hurt. :)
     Good Luck Babe.  
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    Yikes.  I'm in a real irritable mood today, so I'll let what PPs have said suffice instead of saying something even more scathing!
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    The fact that she your sister really throws me. I'm an only child and would of killed for a sister. She being a brat. Is your family any help in wrangling her pisspoor attitude?
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    It's a waste of her time?! Like a PP said, I don't even know you or your sister and that comment hurt my feelings. It shouldn't matter what she is or isn't bringing. What should matter to her is that it's a big day for you and she obviously means a lot to you because you made her your MOH.

    I'm so sorry. Some people can be such jerks sometimes :(
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    Yikes, that is not a very nice sister you have :( I'm sorry. I would just let it go so that you don't cause any unnecessary drama this close to the wedding.
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    Hmm.. maybe you should tell her that she is a waste of your time and just not deal with her lol. Sorry, I'm in a fiesty mood today lol.
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