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Checks! PIP

So I've been putting off buying my getting ready outfit because I felt like it was an unnecessary expense, but it's one of those things I've obsessed over before I was even engaged. So I finally did some research and found some cheaper pieces to put together myself and save some money! 

Here's the track suit for $30 on amazon

The small iron on for the front of the jacket for $2

And the large iron on for the back for $4!

I'm so excited I finally got it!

AND I got my RD dress I've been drooling over for weeks now, I got wait listed on ideeli and I finally was able to buy it for $60 including shipping as opposed to the $160 it normally costs!

ANDDD our cake serving set arrived! This is the pic from the website, but it's engraved with "Caitlin & Robert May 26, 2012" with a script F on the handle for our last name.

Yay I'm so happy I got these things off my list! Now for the other million things I have left to do...

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