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Save the Dates--GRRR

So, FI and I were so happy that my mother offered to address and send our save the dates for us...until now.

Its one month later and we're slowly catching up with our intended guests and a few we've learned have not received them.  While I can take part of the blame, since we had them sent from the US but with our German address as the return address (so now none will get returned to sender)...why the F can't the respective postal authorities get them to the right place?!?!

We didn't order enough extras (again, stupdity on my part for thinking people can do their jobs), so now we have to go around to get all of our OOT guest e-mail addresses so we can at least forward along the proof and a link to our wedding website.

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Re: Save the Dates--GRRR

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    International shipping is such a pain. If you mom offers to address your invitations, make sure she makes your US address the return address. Sorry it's been frustating for you, I can  only imagine. 
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    I had issues with sending mine and i am in the states and all of them were going to US addresses. My best friends got returned to me saying the address was wrong. Its absolutly the right address lol i practically lived there in high school. I think the postal service is just lazy and wants to milk more money out of people!
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