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Started a planning bio...opinions please?

Hi all,

I started my planning bio today and I'd love some opinions if you don't mind.  http://dannianddanny.weebly.com.  What am I missing or what do I need to add?

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Planning Bio

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Re: Started a planning bio...opinions please?

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    Idk what you might be missing but I really liked reading over you wedding planning info! It's so awesome how you are incorporating all of those aspects from your scottish heritage.
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    I think it looks great! I also love all the Scottish details in your wedding. I don't have a wedding website yet, but I believe other girls also add inspiration boards, where they post pictures of cake/flowers/etc. that they are thinking of having for the wedding. Two other things that I can think of right now are registries and a "things to do" page if there are a lot of people who will be travelling from out of town.
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