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Food Meeting

Well I've scehduled a meeting with the venue we're having our reception at to talk about what we want to do for food options. We were going to go with a buffet, but we felt it didn't give us enough choices so we're rethinking that. 

We have an appointment for Tuesday at 2pm. So that'll be good to get prices and options. Now that it's the new year their prices won't go up again before our wedding so that's exciting that we'll have the real prices. 

It's all starting to come together. I hope everyone is having a good new year. 


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    We have our food tasting coming up next week, too! I'm excited, we are doing a plated dinner so we've been waiting to order invitations since we wanted to finalize our meal choices. Now that we'll have the tasting it'll help to get the ball rolling!
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    Our venue is having a tasting event on the 17th! Been waiting for this since we booked back in May. Although I've had copies of the different menu choices I am excited to finally be able to make selections and set the menu. Once this is done we can order our invitations (sit down dinner as well) and menu cards for each place setting. Can't wait! 

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    yay, our food tasting is on the 20th!

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    Our food tasting is today!  I can't wait for it because now I'll finally be able to decide which meal options to put on our invitations. We're selecting 1 beef, 1 fish, 1 chicken and 1 vegetarian dish out of many. I'm starving so this should be fun :)
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    Our food tasting isnt until March 5. That seems so late.
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