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Friday First's

Share some of your most memorable firsts. I'll list some ideas, but if you have a memorable first, feel free to share that story!!!!! (Esp if it's funny)

Tell us about your:

First kiss?
First date?
First time you got drunk?
First Pet?
First Job?

Any other interesting firsts?
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Re: Friday First's

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    First kiss? My first kiss was in 9th grade. My BF was n HS and I thought I was so cool, and he was a good kisser too, lol. I can still rmemeber the exact moment.

    First date? Hmmm, I think my 1st official date was to the movies. My mom dropped us off. Nothing speical or memorable.

    First time you got drunk? 4th of July on the beach. What a disaster. I was stumblimg around, lucky I didn't get into trouble by beach police. Some stupid friend of mine gave me vodka, worst choice for a non-drinker. Felt like shizz the next day, and cut my knee pretty bad being a stumbling fool.

    First Pet? A cocker Spaniel I had from pre-school to high school. She was black and white and my best friend. I still miss her.

    First Job? At the Fire Island ferry. I collected and sold tickets for people going from LI to Fire Island. My 2 best friends worked there, and we worked a million hours even though we were only 15. They would pay us overtime in cash. We actually had a blast, but had no where to spend my $ because I was always working. Met some great people there, but it was definetly unfair working conditions, lol.
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    First kiss? Jeff Burger, in the 8th grade, at the ice rink. He was older than me and I thought he was super cool.

    First date? No idea. Probably the same kid as my first real kiss taking me ice skating. It was the hip Friday night hang out when I was a kid.

    First time you got drunk? I was 14 (terrible, I know) and my friend Tiffany and I stole a Bicardi Silver from her mom's six pack and both took turns drinking it. Her mom totally knew and yelled at us, but we were all buzzed and giggly and didn't care. Her mom was the kind of mom who didn't give a sh!t what we did.

    First Pet? We got a beagle/ lab mix dog who ended up being mean. We took him "to a farm", which I believe for a long time. Oh naive childhood. 

    First Job? I was 14. Worked as a phone girl/food prep in a pizzeria where all the kids went to hang out. Got paid $5 under the table. I felt rich making my whole $55 a week. 

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    emilyb213emilyb213 member
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    First kiss: I was either 14 or 15. It was in 9th grade. I think. Obviously it didn't make much of an impression on me.

    First date: Hm. I guess my first real date was to a haunted house. A guy I was friends with asked me to go (along with a few other couples), and he paid for me and held my hand. I remember his hand was really sweaty.

    First pet: My parents had three dogs already when I came on to the scene, but when I was 3 (and after one of the dogs had died), we got a German Shorthaired Pointer. My dad wanted to use her as a hunting dog, so he was not not having it when I tried to name her "Fuzzy" ("I'm not going through the woods yelling 'Here, Fuzzy!!'"). She was called "Sally", but I scored a minor victory because she was AKC registered as Fuzzy Sally of Pi Acres (my parents own 3.14 acres of land). She was really neurotic and turned out to be totally gun shy, but she was a great dog. I still miss my Sal.

    First job: Ugh, the first day of summer vacation when I was 16, my mom woke me up at 8:00 a.m., and told me to get up and put on nice clothes because I was going to get a job. She drove me all over town (in PA, you have to have your permit for 6 months before you get your license), stopping at every business, and told me to not come back until I had filled out an application and talked to a manager. It worked though, because like 2 days later I got hired at a Long John Silvers. It was the most awful job ever, I smelled like fish grease when I left work, and after 3 weeks, I quit because I had found another (less gross) job at a pizza place.

    Edit: I forgot first time getting drunk: It was New Year's, my best friend and I were at a house party (hosted by the same guy I had my first date with), and we got traaaaassshhhed. We were 15. My parents picked me up the next morning from her house, and I was so hungover I thought I was going to die, but I had to pull it together and act like I was fine ("No, my eyes are all bloodshot because, uh, my contacts are bothering me.").
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    heatherk2489heatherk2489 member
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    First kiss?
    My first kiss was Keegan Bruno, his grandma lived down the street from my grandma, so he was there every weekend. It was on top of the shed that my grandparents built, they put a set of stairs and a railing around it so the roof was like a deck(it was pretty awesome). I was in 8th grade, I remember being so nervous, but sooo happy at the same time. I still talk to him occasionally. 

    First date?
    uuuummm, gee idk. I had a really crappy abusive relationship, so it was probably equally as crappy and I am sure I blocked I out for a reason.

    First time you got drunk?
    Sometime after HS, I was living with a friend. I know it did not take much to get me drunk, I definitely passed out on the neighbors couch lol. 

    First Pet?
    My very first pet was Nelson, the hamster. I loved him, he bit my boob once :/ He died about a year after we got him, the neighbor gave him to us, idk how old he was when we got him. 

    First Job?
    Two days before my 17th birthday I got hired on the spot at Pizza Hut, and it took me almost 7 years to get away from it, and it still has me by the pinky toe lol. I started as a CSR, then moved onto "team trainer", then I was a manager for 4 years. I still work there occasionally, but my stress and anxiety level is getting worse, so I had to take a step back. Plus, I have A LOT more wedding planning time, which I sadly am not utilizing lately. 

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    First kiss? Was in 8th grade while on a trip to DC. I was dared to kiss the boy next to me. I don't even remember his name.

    First date? ... I don't remember...

    First time you got drunk? Sometime after I turned 21, we went to a bar to celebrate me leaving Kindercare. It was pretty uneventful.

    First Pet? Mastiff named Truman

    First Job? Teacher at Kindercare.
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    Huh. This is a hard one.

    First kiss? That was actually with my FI. Given I had to think about it, but we were watching Waterworld. We missed a good chunk of the movie because of that kiss. May as well jump in from a peck to make-out session.

    First Date? I believe I went skiing with one of my ex's. Yeah. That sounds right. Things I didn't do until I was 17! I was not much of a social butterfly until I was a PSEO student and away from high school.

    First Time I Got Drunk? Heh. That was this past summer I think. My FI and I had some friends over and I had vodka without anything else for the first time. Normally I mix liquor in with other things so it isn't so harsh. I'm not kidding when I say some crazy not fun stuff went down that night. The downstairs neighbors came up saying that there was water in the basement and the gas furnace in the basement was spitting out gas. That was a fun night.

    First Pet? If this one counts, my parents had a black lab named Chloe who was around since they brought me home. That dog lived to be 17 and I would have been 13 when she finally did die.

    First Job? I cleaned houses for about a week with a company called Merry Maids. I did that job for a week. I then went on to work at Wal-Mart for a year. Both of those jobs sucked.
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    First kiss? I was 13, visiting my grandmother's farm in the summer. There was a boy there that I had a crush on because he seemed cool at the time (now that I think about it he was kind of an a$$hole), so one night after hanging out at the bonfire with a bunch of friends he walked me home and we kissed. 

    First date? Hm, that's a tough one. I don't think I had a real date until I started college. There was a guy that I met at a concert that my school had for the freshman students, and he invited me out to a park. I think we just walked around, I wasn't too much into him so I don't remember much. haha We only had 2 or 3 dates total, and then we stopped hanging out, but we ran into each other again after 2 years and decided to give it another shot. He ended up telling me that he loves me after like a month and I was completely not ready for it, so I kind of disappeared and stopped answering his calls. Awful and immature, I know.
    First time you got drunk? I was at a summer camp, I think I was 15 or 16 at the time. We met some older girls when on the train to the camp (it was in a different part of the country so it was like a day train ride), and they bought us some beers and Smirnoff drinks (the once that are pre-mixed in beer like bottles). That was also the first time that I tried smoking, too.
    First Pet? We've never had pets growing up other than fish.
    First Job? I did some volunteering in high school, but my first paid job was not until sophomore year in college. I was an exchange student in high school, and so I was hired to work with other alumni of my program to organize events for them and to also to do orientation for kids prior to them becoming exchange students.
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    First kiss? I was 13 or 14 and was at a friends out and played spin the bottle with some friends of mine (i know how romantic LOL)

    First date? My first date was when I was in 10th grade. I went to Prom with a Senior who i knew from the track team! Found out about a week before prom that I was going.

    First time you got drunk? Had to freshman year of college. one night i went to my friends room and her cousin bought us a bottle of Captain Morgan Tattoo and we also had beer and tequila. needless to say we had some great memories that night

    First Pet? My first pet was a cocker  spainer. who was tan. Her name was Jesse. We had her before I was born and i remember the day she died bc i came home from pre-school callng for her and she wasn't coming so my mom had to tell me and i locked myself in my room for about an hour.

    First Job? My first job I sold programs for my local minor league baseball team. I hated that job with a passion, But i ended up going back a couple years later and working selling souvenirs for about 3 more years. it turned into a family job.
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    First kiss?  First actual kiss, I was eleven and it was in a rose garden. I was in way over my head and he was thirteen and a total sleazeball. We ended up being as on/off as you can be at that age for about a year and a half. I shake my head at Childhood Me...

    First date? Same individual as above, we went to the beach together and then to a friend's family's campground. Shenanigans ensued. Again, shaking my head.

    First time you got drunk? I don't drink. I've never been drunk.

    First Pet? A fish that lived for five years, despite me being maybe four when I got her? I forgot to feed her for days in a row... maybe that was the secret!

    First Job? Aside from babysitting and volunteer work (I volunteered at a summer camp, and one of my favorite kids is all grown up now and was recently sent home from The X-Factor), I was a photography intern with my college's development office and I was a correspondent with a city newspaper. My first big-girl grown-up job was as a cast member at Disney World.
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    First kiss? My first kiss was with this really lame guy at a school football game when I was in 6th grade.
    First date? First real date we just went to the movies.
    First time you got drunk? I was 15 and my friend and I stole her moms vodka, they never noticed and her parents were out of town but she did have a babysitter staying at the house lol, but we invited lots of boys over it was fun.
    First Pet? A cocker spaniel that I had from birth and we had to put him to sleep when I was in 5th grade, it was my moms baby, she had him before she even got married.
    First Job? Target. Not a bad first job actually, I met tons of people and a lot of them I still keep in touch with today.
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    First kiss? I was in 9th grade and he kissed me after his dad dropped me off at my house after one of our first few dates. 

    First date? I think it was either the all or the movies or something with the guy whwas my first kiss. Nothing too special each of our parents did either drop off or pick up since we still couldn't drive.

    First time you got drunk? It was during my freshman year of college I went to visit a friend who went to another school. I had never really drank before but that night was a miz of jungle juice, vodka and bacardi. I was hurting for a while after that night since I had no ide what a limit was or what mine was.

    First Pet? I always had fish growing up. My parents are allergic to cats and dogs. About 3 months after FI and I started dating we got a dog together. She's my first fun pet. 

    First Job? Shaws when I was 15. I was a cashier/bagger and still keep in touch with a few friends I made there.

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    First kiss: Bryar Endrizzi the summer between 7th and 8th grade so I was 13. It was all planned and everything so yeah...

    First date: I really don't know. I guess when I went to prom freshman year. I was on student council so I was allowed to go. Took my kind of boyfriend at the time I had met through racing. My mom had to drive us everywhere though so there's that. I didn't really go out on dates until FI. We have date night every once in a while.

    First time you got drunk: Here's a great one. It was the night FI and I got together. I was in a fraternity, and FI was there with his girlfriend since he was friends with a bunch of my "brothers." I let one of them be my bartender and got super drunk. I only remember parts of the night. FI's girlfriend left, but he was still there. I had known him longer than anybody else there and kept daring him to kiss me. He had liked me for a long time without me knowing it, so he, being a little drunk himself, went for it. There's a long period of time I don't remember. Then I was laying on a couch with him telling him he was required to kiss me every 10 minutes for the rest of the night and telling everybody who walked in the room (everytime they walked in the room) that I loved them. FI texted his girlfriend and told her he was going to sleep there that night so he stayed with me. There was some fun on a very gross, wet couch. He broke up with her the next morning, and we've been together ever since. haha

    First pet: We had cats when I was really little. I know we had a pair that we named Simba and Nala. They ran away, Nala came back, and we got Fluffy. My dad got cat scratch fever from one of them so we had to give them away. When I was 5, we got a shih-tzu puppy from my dad's cousin for free because he had a hernia. We named him Buddy. I'm now 21, and he's still around. Blind, deaf, arthritis, and a tumor. He's been hit by a car twice and falls down stairs a lot. But he's still going. :)

    First job: My first real job was as a dance teacher when I was 15. I ended up teaching dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading to a bunch of girls all under the age of 6. It was fun, but it didn't last very long because my boss was always drunk.
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