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Oh the awesomeness of people I don't know...

Some girl completely just gave me a $40 off all tuxes in the WP from Mens Wearhouse...And I don't even know her! I went to visit my MOH today and we were talking about my wedding and this girl kinda came into the conversation. Apparently she broke off her engagement so she didn't need it....Soooo yay for us! lol
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Re: Oh the awesomeness of people I don't know...

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    Sad for her but good for you!
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    That was nice of her! 
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    I hate to be the negative nancy, but they pretty much will do this for anyone. Both mens warehouse and president tuxedo. I just got an email from President Tuxedo for a free grooms tux and 40 bucks off every tux rented for the wedding.  I pretty much get at least one email a week from both companies about this. That is super nice she gave it to you though!
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