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Things that make you go hmmm

People that wear clothes that don't fit.
Furry boots in the summer.
People that pull out their cars in front of me in a hurry, then drive 5mph, meanwhile there were no cars behind me.
Kesha and Lady Gaga
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Re: Things that make you go hmmm

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    Flip flops in the winter Talking loudly in the library Ombre hair People who are still posting about the election Getting a tattoo of your SO's name
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    people who whistle!
    people with their ears stretched to the size of drink coasters
    women who only wear dark black eyeliner without any other makeup!

    *I second the previously posted:
    people who wear clothes that don't fit
    ombre hair
    tattoos of SO's name

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    I second Lady Gaga
    White women who wear black or dark maroon lipstick
    Using speakerphone when one works in a open cubicle
    People who put dvd's in the wrong cases
    This phrase: "We should hang out sometime"
    Yoga pants at work
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    Adults who wear themed sweaters (I'm looking at you, FMIL, and all of your holiday/seasonal sweaters).
    People who buy patriotic/red, white, and blue stuff that's made in China.
    Red velvet cake.
    Oversharing medical information.
    People who try to carry on a conversation with you while you're in a bathroom stall.

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    People who don't like dogs
    Guys who don't like to wear shirts
    Why British people don't like cheese or salad dressing
    People who NEVER take their bluetooth headset out
    People who don't think that Star Trek: The Next Generation is a great show
    People who wear pajamas outside of their house; grocery shopping ect...
    GIrls who don't wear bras in public
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    I second socks with sandals and bathroom stoll conversations!
    Guys who wear dress shirts without an undershirt and you can see through it
    People who swear to make plans with you and never follow up
    People who constantly complain about everything and try to one-up on how much their life is more dificult than yours
    Drivers who don't wave thank you when you let them go in traffic
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    I agree with all PPs except red velvet cake...I love red velvet cake Smile

    People of Walmart (really people, you really think some of that stuff you wear is ok?)
    Cupcake vodka (???)
    Contacts that make your eyes look like weird things (cats eyes, 8 balls, etc.)
    People who try to come into your lane while you're right next to them and then get mad when you honk at them to get their attention.
    People who have phone conversations while they're using the restroom. Tongue Out
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    People that stand too close to you in lines
    When customer service people refuses to listen to you
    People that should not be wearing leggings wear them
    The whole mustache crazy- I just don't get the all of a suddend hype over mustaches!

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    People who throw cigarette butts out their car window.
    Tights as pants.
    De-caf coffee
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    I second the bathroom stall talkers!! Grown women still wearing abercrombie, hollister, etc People that burp in public (extremely common in Terre Haute, IN) Jewelry "parties" and all types of other sales parties where people pressure their friends and relatives to buy overpriced stuff so that they can profit off of them.
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    Leggings as pants

    Ugg boots with shorts

    Some of the ridiculous things people name their kids. Do you really want to make kindergarten difficult because it takes them ten minutes to write their first names every time?


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    I agree with the wearing clothes that are too small and gages in the ear.
    The jerk who has to park BOTH of his cars on the street while his driveway is empty.
    People who buy their 8 year olds cellphones.
    Marketing toys for children based on PG-13 rated movies.

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    I'm late cause I have been slacking. 
    But this attatched picture really makes me go hmm. 
    We saw this on saturday at the local Publix. 
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    I'd be so pissded if I was that white car in the middle. Why do people do that?
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    I agree with a lot of these comments..... esp the leggings as pants thing!

    Also when its nice and girls walk out of their houses with like no clothing on.

    Women we wear lacy shirts out but dont wear an undershirt or cami and their bra shows

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