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New here!

Just wanted to say hi! I've been a member of a few other boards that were wonderful and I hope this board is just as amazing!

My name is Miranda, my FI is Chad, his 10yo daughter is Jada, and our 5 month old daughter is Ryleigh.

We've had to postpone our wedding twice already. I said I'm only doing this once (hopefully) so I want to remember it. I want to have a nice wedding with the nice white dress and the guys in tuxes with all our family and friends there. I did NOT want a JP wedding and would rather not get married than go that route unless absolutely necessary.

The first time we had to push it back we were just getting ready to move into a place together when the motor went in his car. The car needed to be fixed so there went our security deposit and rent money. I couldn't see getting married and then going back to live at my mom's so we pushed it back. Then we got a  place and were all set to get married in July when we found out Ryleigh was coming, so we pushed it back again because she is so much more important than the wedding and she needed stuff. Plus my dress wouldn't have fit.

But I am super thrilled to say that on June 22 I'll become a Mrs!

So I'm be here from now on, since I am not changing it again. So again, HI ALL!

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Re: New here!

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