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I got my ring!!!

SO FI originally gave me a ring from his mom (that a close family member had given her) when he proposed. It was a beautiful pearl ring. I love pearls, but as a mom of 5, i was sad that i couldn't wear it much. Well, after talking about it I finally said that I didn't care, it was my ring and I wanted to wear it. So FI took it to get sized and the setting is fake. The pearl is real, but the setting is "cheap" (as he said it). His mom felt horribl, she had NO clue. He said he felt like an idiot. I felt so badly for him. He said that he had to get me something nice, so I gave him an idea of what I like and he said last Sat that he had a very productive day and he was all happy. Well today he was acting a tad strange asking me when i was going to be home so he could come by. (he knows my and the kids schedules- just out of character for him to ask). He got here and asked everyone to be in one place. He tells me to close my eyes. When I opened them, he was down on one knee with a ring box. This is what he picked out:

I can't stop looking at it. =) One of my 4 yr old girls said that when she gets older, her boyfriend better get her a ring as pretty as mine. =)
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Re: I got my ring!!!

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    Beautiful! Congrats on a shiny new ring!
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    Congrats, very pretty. And that was so cute of your daughter. :)
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    Congrats, very pretty!
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    Awww congrats!
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    Aw, it's pretty!! And what your daughter said is adorable.
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    Awww :) What a nice story! And beautiful ring! It sounds like you have a wonderful family, FI, and FMIL!
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    Aww what a sweet story!  Its beautiful, as is your FI for going out of his way to make it up to you.  And to you for not really caring too much about getting engaged with the other ring.  Some girls really lose sight of what that's all about and in the end, you are rewarded with this gem anyways :-)
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