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Change of venue!!!

Okay,,, I decided thatI  want dancing at my reception. It's a party and I want to have fun. I started looking into venues, besides our church (no dancing allowed) and I talked to FI, he was really iffy at first, since that means our budget will double. He ran into a friend of mine at my son's volleyball game and she was telling him how this is my first wedding and how girls plan these things from the time they are little and how I've been through so much and all that. Well, he told her that he didn't think about all of that. SO.... he agreed!!! We are going to look at the venue together tomorrow. If he likes it, we will be putting down our deposit. We are also switching from Sunday June 2, to Sat June 1st. That way we can really enjoy it and not worry about people having to work the next day. Essentially all we are paying for is the catering. The bridal suite and reception area and all the extras are included in the price of catering. It's nothing too fancy, but it will be nice and we will have fun. =) I am soo excited!!!

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