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Wedding Wednesday

I'm sure most of you were on hiatus this weekend, but did you still manage anything? What's going on for next week?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

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    I was able to order our invitations this weekend. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see them when they arrive.
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    I'm working on tweaking the RSVP cards (FI is being lazy and won't call people for names of SOs and children and instead wants me to address his lists invitations to "the ____ family"...ugh) and then I'll send the invitation stuff to the printer for a proof.  I'm thinking about doing pocket fold invitation envelopes, I kind of like the way they look and the printer I'm using now is a little cheaper than the printer I previously chose so I might be able to swing the pocket folds.

    I'm trying to get FI to help me finalize some details on the wedding script so I can finish that up.  I need to finish picking music for the ceremony and move on to the reception music.

    The big check is that the majority of the STDs have now gone out (just a little late, LOL).  We dropped them in the mail on Christmas day. Now I just have a few more to hand deliver and we'll be done!  Hopefully I can get on the invitations a little quicker and make sure they go out in a timely fashion Tongue Out
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    My mom and I met with her florist friend who is doing our silk arrangements to pick out the last few flowers and ribbon needed for those. 

    We're going to register on Saturday the fifth, and we're both pretty excited for that. 

    Next week I'll take my ring to the jewelers to get the guard taken off. 

    My MOH officially booked the restaurant for my shower.
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    We are working on securing a caterer, because we decided to have the reception in my in laws back yard instead of at the restaurant.
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    I'm hoping we get our invitation sample in the mail today so we can see if we like it. If we do we'll probably go down and order them sometime this week or next week. 

    We're probably going to be ordering our flowers tonight. I have the paperwork I just need to print it out. 

    I'm still working on the registries. 

    We're also going to be going to our tuxedo place to pick out the style tuxedo we want the guys to wear. 
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    I picked up my wedding gown on Saturday! It's perfect! Fits me like a glove and I'm so excited to wear it on my wedding day! Now I'm on the search for shoes...

    We also purchased FI's wedding ring this week. Took advantage of the Christmas Sale at Robbins Bros. for 24 months interest free. His ring will be ready for pick up Jan 3rd. This was a big check off the list... am really happy to have this handled. 

    Now I'm waiting on the music/song list(s) to come in from the band I hired so we can select all the songs for the ceremony, cocktails and reception.

    Am also looking forward to the tasting with the caterer in Jan so that we can finalize the menu selections.

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    We haven't really done anything! We have an appointment on Sat to order my girls' dresses. Cutting it close. eek.

    I have about 50 invitation options saved and am waiting for FI to sit down with me to pick out a handful to order samples of.

    We haven't even started looking at suits for him or anything else.
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    I didn't get much accomplished this week. Although on Christmas Eve, we had some honeymoon airline drama that I had to straighten out. United decided to add a leg to our flight out, which resulted in us leaving at 6:00 a.m. and not landing in Puerto Rico until 5:00 in the evening. I freaked, because that was an entire day we were going to lose due to travelling. I was going to wait until after the holidays to get it straightened out, but when I checked the alternate flights through United, there weren't many seats left. So I called United, explained the situation, told them the flight I wanted our reservations switched to, and they went ahead and put us on the other early morning flight, with only one layover. Crisis averted!!
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    Happy New Year Girls!  I definitely took a wedding break but am looking forward to getting back to planning.  FI and I are starting to register this weekend hopefully, and then next weekend I'm meeting up with my mom tp go to a bridal faire so we can start making some final decisions.  We have a menu planning later this month and are doing bridemaids dresses in early February!  5 months seems so close, but yet so far away still!  I;m sure it will fly by though :)

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