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Another mass shooting

I had posted about the Batman shooting and a lot of us had something to say, including how it's not logical to be afraid to go to the movies just bc of what happened. I'm not saying that we need to live in fear, but that I wish things like that would never have to cross our minds.

This morning after church, while watching the Olympics, there was an urgent message that there was a shooting at a temple about 20mins from my home. So far, the total is 7 dead, including 1 of the shooters (they think there are 2). Hostages were being held inside the temple by the gunmen.

What's going on?
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Re: Another mass shooting

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    All I can think, is pray for our world, and our communities and our families. The world nowadays is so violent...all we can do is pray and keep on going with our lives.
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    It was scary to find out it was in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee. I'm not sure what is going on with our world, but from what I heard they are labeling it domestic terrorism. I cannot imagine what every parishoner feels like right now. People were preparing for their services later on when it all took place. I agree with pedulaney, all we can do is pray and keep moving on with our lives.
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    Just pray that someday, the world won't have to live in this sort of fear. Thoughts and prayers with all those affected by today's events <3
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